Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Where in the world is BigAl437???

Ok guys, if we make through today we have the better part of the week behind us. Are you with me? Let's start off by doing one of my favorite things, having FUN!

As you may or may not know, Big Al was the only memeber of the whole CacheCrazy team that made it to GeoWoodstock IX! I'm sure he has lots of stories to tell and great pictures to share. I have one that I want to share with you. It's one of many group photos of a large number of folks at the mega event but this one is special to me. Somewhere in the crowd is Big Al sporting his new CacheCrazy.Com hat. Can you find him? Have fun!

Here is Big Al in the crowd
(not a great pic, sorry)
Can you spot him in the crowd?

              Click on the picture to get an enlarged version


Erika Jean said...

The title of this post is white and I can't see it unless I roll over it.... Also your header isn't clickable and doesn't take you to the home page. Oh nos!


I know, I know, I have been having some technical difficulties and trying to remedy them but I do appreciate you pointing that out to me.

BigAl said...

I found me. Can anyone else?


I thought it was easy but some others needed several hints. I'll tell you what, if anyone needs a hint I'll offer one BUT, not until someone claims the FTF, lol!

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