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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Look what I have! Six new baby ducklings! I have been enjoying these guys for a few days (five to be exact). They are so cute and cuddly but I'll be giving them away soon. I have to, I have 10 other Mallard ducks to tend to so these guys will be moving on. I'll miss them......


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

They are so cute! Each summer I have a pair of ducks that stops by for about 2 weeks and swim in my pool. Then they take off again. Its the craziest thing.


They are called "visitors" and YOU are on THEIR path, but that's cool. They move from place to place but stay in a 10 mile range so they are never too far away. Incredibly smart creatures with an excellent sense of direction, no GPS'r needed. And, the ducklings are so much fun to have for awhile, the kids like them:)

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