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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ultrathon Update

By Big Al

Just before Geowoodstock IX I mentioned I was using a new bug spary called Ultrathon, which has Permethrin in it. This is the follow up I promised on its usefulness.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and read my review.

As I mentioned in my last article Ultrathon is a spray that is used on your clothes and gear to keep bugs off. I sprayed my clothes just before leaving for the trip and allowed them to dry all day, and then overnight. By the next morning they were totally dry and what amazed me was that there was no smell to the clothes at all. Yes I sniffed them. I figured I was safe as long as I did not ingest the stuff. This stuff is not harmful to humans after it has dried. Or should I say it did not effect me in any way.

I wore the clothes that were sprayed out to Warren for the train ride. Now as I mentioned before I am a tick and mosquito magnet. I'll admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but as I arrived at the Fairgrounds where Geowoodstock IX was being held, I set up my tent and  noticed no bugs hanging around me. From there I left for the train ride and arrived just in time to pick up my ticket and catch the train.

We rode the train through the Oil Creek Valley and ended up at our destination where we got off of the train and went for lunch. For lunch we stood in a line and again I did not notice any bugs around me. Now you're probably saying "well they weren't out yet." That maybe true, but usually when I am around the mosquitoes find me no matter what time it is. (At home I usually spray myself with lots of bug spray if I am going to be outside doing any kind of work.)

So we ate our lunch and after visiting with folks for a while it was time to board the train for our trip back to the station. Well this is where it happened. A bug landed on my pant leg and I decided to watch him to see what happened. Here is the video footage of what happened.

(Notice he begins to walk sideways as if he was drunk. He even stumbles at one point.)

There it is, plain and simple. The bug died right on my leg. Now this really did impress me. We arrived back at the station and then I headed out for some caches on the way back to the Fairgrounds. I hit a few caches and then went back to my tent. From there I went over to the pavilion to use the internet. While sitting there another bug landed on me and I watched him die too. I would have videoed that one too, but the camera was back in the tent and I cannot unplug my laptop due to a battery problem unless I shut it down. Now I am really impressed with this stuff.

I eventually went back to the tent and did a tick check and guess what I found?


Not one tick was on me. Now I am really excited. I'll bet you never knew anyone so excited  about not having a tick on them.

The next morning I got up and Geowoodstock began. I spent all day walking around and then later I hit some more caches. Even though I walked through a lot of tall grass and weeds I did not end up with any ticks. Later in the day back at GWS IX I had another bug land on my and as I was watching it begin to act drunk another cacher I had met came up and flicked him off of my shoulder. I was appalled at his actions. He asked me if it was my pet and I told him no, and then I began to explain my experiment. Once he heard the words "Permethrin" he stopped me and said "I don't ever leave home without it." He then related how he loves the stuff and would not think about geocaching without it. Later that evening I sat around my tent eating supper and enjoying my loot that I bought throughout the day. Again, no mosquitoes or any bugs at all.

So there you have it. Right from the bugs, I mean BigAl's mouth. If you have used this product before please let me know about your findings. I'd be interested  in hearing how it has worked for you, or not for you.




I love the drunken fly video! That stuff really does work. Dodger has used this product before and our friend Cerberus1 says it's awesome. So I guess it's a thumbs up. Great review. I'm sold.

Dodger said...

I don't abide those ticks. Disgusting creatures...

I'll second the motion on Permethrin treatments whenever heading afield. The stuff works. I treat my hunting clothes before each season and rarely have trouble.

I love the science experiment, Big Al! Cool.

Anonymous said...

Hi Big Al....I just bought the Ultrathon pump spray for my trip to S Africa, end of September. I did a test spray on one pair of pants. Just wondering how much you sprayed because I noticed it doesnt spray like an aerosol. It was in spots and drops. Was afraid to get it too soaked. So, since you had good luck with it, if you have time, could you let me know much you sprayed? Do you spray til it looks wet so every tiny inch is covered?

Thanks so much

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