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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Summer Pics

It's been a good summer here in Northeastern Pennsylvania - hot and sunny!  Come along for the fun...

DctrSpott goes full-throttle for the Up on the Rock cache

Big Al takes the more thoughtful and successful approach

The motley Cache Crazy crew

Team Bloodhounded's Mike crosses Sandy Run for The Lost Bridges cache

Team Bloodhounded and Cache Crazy's Kevin takes on the cable bridge

Our friend TaranWanderer decides to wade the stream instead

TaranWanderer, Chris and Val (K-Team), Mike, Your's Truly, and Kevin at The Lost Bridges final

DLC enjoys some Fourth of July fireworks

The old CCC water tower at Hickory Run State Park

Enjoying the CCC GPS Tour cache final at Hickory Run

Sadie in the sun

Annalie enjoying the warm weather

Checking out the gardens

Sadie after a refreshing swim

Annalie as "Little Blue Riding Hood"

There's still a lot of summer left - enjoy!



Oh, yes, good times for sure my friend. The girls are so damn cute. Wait until the butterflies begin to hatch. Some great pics there for sure.
We are a Motley Cache Crazy crew, aren't we? And I still contest that I was "posing" as a nerd in that dreaded picture, I swear!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

The Lost Bridges cache looks cool. I'm gonna have to look that one up!

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