CacheCrazy.Com: GeoWoodstock IX no internet access rains on the event but no biggie

Saturday, July 2, 2011

GeoWoodstock IX no internet access rains on the event but no biggie

Well, the worst thing that could happen, did happen. No internet? Say it ain't so! All I can say is I hope folks preloaded some caches in. Even cell phone service was spotty according to some folks. I guess it wasn't so bad if your their but if your not and just dying to get the updates! Oh well, it could be worse. Even the streaming audio didn't work for the Pod Casts and the live Ustream video was good in tests anyway (that was going to be soooo coool) Overall it just goes to show how dependent our sport is on the internet and our lifestyles as well. And, if our cell phones aren't getting 3G we start to freak out. It's going to be alright, the show must go on.

So, let's just move on to a whole boatload of pictures and stuff sent from the local McDonald restaurant WiFi in Warren, PA. BigAl was able to break the silence as he sneaks these few through the heavily used public access that usually get mild use at best. He's having a great time while I'm here in another part of PA, just getting in from work.
Let's join him for a pictorial of several interesting folks and events at GeoWoodstock IX.

DEE DEE TB Zombie, kinda cute...

Some new CacheCrazy fans having some family fun! Our kind of people.

This is the only guy who had internet access?????

There's our man Big Al sporting his new CacheCrazy.Com Author hat and claiming the find. 
Go get'em.....


Erika Jean said...

Looks like a good time! I can't believe the internet wasn't working! What a bummer.

(pretty sure you should blur out tb #'s online)

Dodger said...

Great stuff, BA! Thanks!!

(Good catch, EJ - taken care of!)

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