Thursday, July 7, 2011


By Big Al:

While at Geowoodstock I had the opportunity to interview a number of fellow Geocachers and I will be posting those interviews right here on

In this interview you'll meet 2Lashes from Washington State.

On July 1st I met two Geocachers on the GeoWoodstock Express train ride that I got to know over the next several days. They are 2Lashes from Washington State.


These fine folks have been caching since October 2008. As of the end of June they have 7387 finds, and who knows how many they will find while they are here at GWS IX; only time will tell. One of the things I enjoyed about meeting people like 2Lashes is their kind spirit and friendliness. These folks went out of their way to help me feel welcome to this event.

They told me that last year during a two week run they drove 9215 miles while caching. Now that is a lot of miles. Currently they have cached in 39 states. Yes I said THIRTYNINE. Their plan this year after GWS IX is to hit 10 states, 3 Provinces, and DC during their two week vacation.

States cached in

 Washington:4601 California:1086 Nevada:442 Oregon:194 Utah:180 Wisconsin:58 Idaho:40 Montana:30 Florida:28 Mississippi:16 South Dakota:11 Louisiana:10 Arizona:8 Wyoming:8 Texas:6 North Dakota:5 South Carolina:5 Indiana:4 Kansas:4 Missouri:4 North Carolina:4 Ohio:4 Pennsylvania:4 Virginia:4 Colorado:3 Iowa:3 Michigan:3 Minnesota:3 Nebraska:3 New Mexico:3 Tennessee:3, West Virginia:3 Alabama:2 Arkansas:2 Georgia:2 Illinois:2 Kentucky:2 Oklahoma:2 New Hampshire:1

What you see in Red consists of 6793 finds in those 39 states. The white areas are what they plan on hitting this year during a two week stretch. They have also found 592 in British Columbia, and 2 in Mexico. If you want my opinion these folks just love to cache.

Here are some more interesting numbers for them from their stats page.

Most States in a day:6 (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas) on 07/30/2010Note: includes locationless caches.

Most finds in a day:301 on 03/03/2011267 on 07/27/2010259 on 03/08/2011

Maximum distance in a day:2435 Miles, on 06/30/2010 Note: includes locationless caches.

You can bet that I'll be keeping my eyes on them as they journey through these states to do what they love; Geocaching. We from wish you the best of luck and safe travels as you embark upon your mission this year.


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