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Sunday, July 3, 2011

GEOWOODSTOCK IX folks coming and going

Us Geocachers take signing the log seriously. When you think about it, the log is the only common item in most all caches. It is your personal mark on the geocache for as long as it may be active. it says, "I found it" and there is no denying it. Some logs offer even more. They offer a story, a tale of the adventure. When signing the log at GewWoodstock IX you not only attended, your "log in" becomes part of a historic world wide event! That's pretty serious.

Every name and message is now a part of history

With people visiting from all over the world, this is a great opportunity to get your travel items out there and hope that someone selects yours to go on a journey. Maybe it's to the next GeoWoodstock, maybe accross the country or even around the world? Who knows what you'll find here at the GeoWoodstock  travel bug exchange.
Calling all travelers, calling all travelers what a great place to launch yours!

I love the "Task" bin! You should see some of the crazy tasks

So, not only are a lot of people are coming to GeoWoodstock IX, many are going home with a new travel item to move on. With all the goals and tasks and such, folks don't know if they are coming or going but one thing is for sure. They sure are having fun doing it!

 A TB Toaster

Speaking of toast, the Grange put on an nice spread and many folks where working up an appetite. The food tent looks packed which tell me there is some good food being served. Oh yes, I can smell those sausage, pepper and onion sandwiches cooking right now.
   I'll have whatever she's having......
More to come as we review GeoWoodstock IX through Monday July 5th


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