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Friday, July 1, 2011

GeoWoodstock IX the day before the big event.....

In the beginning there were geocachers and one in particular, JoGPS. He had a vision to organize a event in Louisville Kentucky in May 2003 that would be a casual meeting and a meet and greet open to all geocachers if they wanted to come, no matter how many showed up. And boy do they show up, in the thousands! The birth of GeoWoodstock had come and all knew this would be an annual event however, few dreamed it would become what it is today!

Fast forward to today. Cachers will converge on the Warren County Fairgrounds in Warren, PA and in record numbers. GC2AZ7G: GeoWoodstock 9 is scheduled for July 2, 2011. It’s already started with many already onsite, setting up, making sure everything is right and tight for the crowd. Campsites have been filled (for the most part) and tents are going up all over the place. Hotels are full, restaurants are full, bars are full, the streets are full and everyone couldn’t be happier! The feeling at the fairgrounds is something comparable to Christmas Eve with awe in the eyes of early arrivers and staff just waiting to wake up tomorrow to glorious wonder. “I’m so excited I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight” one anonymous cacher reported. “You can tell people are coming in. When we got here yesterday it was starting to fill up but, today it’s twice as busy already this morning”. And busy it will be. “We waited forty five minutes for a restaurant table last night and our waitress told me it’s been like this all week”. This event will yield huge financial benefits for the tourism and hospitality industries.

For reference, the criteria for a Mega Event are five hundred people attending. There were close to 2100 Attended logs for GeoWoodstock 8, held in Seattle, Washington about a month ago; which was almost double the 1375 attendees of GeoWoodstock7 in Bell Buckle, Tennessee in 2009. To help facilitate the volume of people, GeoWoodstock attendees are asked to register at Geocachers will have the opportunity to volunteer for the event, buy event related t-shirts and geocoins and buy meal tickets.

Stay tuned to CacheCrazy.Com for event updates and the very latest in the happening on location and around the event from on site correspondents to internet happenings.

7/1/2011 Bloodhounded


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