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Friday, July 1, 2011

GeoWoodstock IX BigAl chomping at the bit......

Right now BigAl is chomping at the bit and counting down the minutes until he gets out of work and on to more important matters, GeoWoodstock 9!

I would think there are still many things to do including food shopping, packing the car and double checking all of his gear to make sure its all ready for the big day. The day before GeoWoodstock 9 is comparative to the day before the first day of hunting, fishing or any other sport. One needs to be certain that everything is ready to partake on a much anticipated and vigorous journey. The questions and checklists are rolling through your head, "batteries, tweezers, GPSr, tent, lantern, stove and fuel and most importantly, food". I wonder if they will have any unique food vendors on site? Hmmm, I'm getting hungry!

Travel safe BigAl and enjoy the journey to the world Mega Geocaching Event, GeoWoodstock IX!


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