Tuesday, July 5, 2011


By Big Al

All aboard!! Please have your tickets ready as you board the train.

This is Big Al 437 reporting on the Geowoodstock Express Train ride. I arrived just in time to get in line and pick up my ticket for the day's ride on the Oil Creek and Titusville Railroad. We will be traveling South from the Perry Street Station in Titusville and heading to the Petroleum Centre Station in the Oil Creek State Park.

The Conductor called for us to get on the train and we all started loading into the passenger cars. These cars are all still used today, as well as the cargo cars. This is a very active train running many trips all over the area.
Once we were all on board we were told to take our seats and stay seated until the train left the station and departed town. Once it did leave we would be free to get up and walk about the train.

When we had passed through town we were allowed to go out on the open deck flat car and look around. This was really neat. I forgot how hard it is to walk around on an old train that is moving, but I did make it out there.

While on the train the conductor told us that this train had an active Post Office on board and we could buy postcards and mail them as well as any letters we might have with us. This is the last Post Office of its kind in the USA. So I purchased four postcards for my family and the ladies there even put the stamps on for me. All I had to do was write the message. RIGHT. On a moving train I am supposed to write a message that my kids and wife could read. Well I'll try. I sat down at a table just for this purpose and started writing. I was sure to tell them I was not drunk, but that I  was writing this from a moving train. Then I got up and dropped the postcards in the letter box. This was a real letter box which is a lot different from the ones you find in the woods.

While I was waiting I happened to see a poster of two guys I know. You might know them by the names listed, but there real names are Bloodhounded and Dodger. These were the early days of geocaching.

We then arrived at the Petroleum Centre Station and once we had stopped we were allowed to disembark. Then we had to walk into the Oil Creek State Park where we would be served lunch. The conductor made sure we knew that the train would arrive back for us after it turned around on the tracks. Actually it doesn't turn around the engine drops off the passenger cars and then uses a side track to go around the cars and it gets hooked back up on the other end. Pretty neat if you want my opinion.

On our walk across the bridge we all stopped to check out the guy trying to catch his lunch. There were several fishermen trying their best to catch some trout. It was funny because they were upstream and we could see the fish down below us swimming in the water. Such is life. Hey, wait a minute did that guy hook one? Sorry, not today.

As we approached the food line I noticed some kids playing on a swing. They seemed to be saying "mom we'll stay here while Dad goes and gets our hotdogs".

While some people ate others ran to find some caches that were nearby. I opted for eating now and caching later. The food was good, but they did run out of baked beans. That was probably for the best any way with all of those people. After eating we all headed back to the station to wait on the train. It pulled up right on time and then we loaded back on. It started off back toward the Perry Street Station and that was when I decided to rest my eyes for a little bit. Well actually it was more than a little bit. But we arrived back safe and sound. Then the conductor explained to us that they had turned a bunch of the Cabooses into hotel rooms that you can actually stay overnight in. They are really neat rooms with all of the amenities of home. Like beds, bathroom with shower, TV and WIFI. All for under $90.00 per night.

Let me just say that the train ride was worth every dollar I paid for and every cache that had to wait until later on in the evening. If you have never been on a train ride then I suggest you sign yourself up for one real soon. This train runs from June through October and even has fall foliage tours, but check them out because they are not always open throughout the week. I hope you enjoyed your "Virtual" ride on the Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad.

Here are some more random pictures of the train excursion.

Oil discovered

Getting ready to unload the wagon onto the train
Dad, did they really use this to dig the railroad?

Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad

The Caboose, which means the END.



Thanks Big Al! Great article and awesome pictorial, I love it and can't wait to hear all about your adventures at GeoWoodstock IX!

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