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Friday, July 22, 2011

Exciting News at CacheCrazy.Com

Thanks for reading at CacheCrazy.Com! Today I have some real exciting news and a special treat for our readers.
Meet Dave from Only Googlebot Reads This Blog, name "debaere"
I am Dave, I do stuff
Dave has a great, no nonsense blog, that is filled to the brim with many great articles. I stayed up most of one full night reading it and thought, "wouldn't it be awesome to ask Dave do a Guest Blog for CacheCrazy.Com". I loved so many of the article but one series in particular stood out in my mind. Dave went on an adventure where he and his wife, their toddler and dog all pile in the mini van and head west. Three solid weeks of nothing but travel, fun, pictures, learning and geocaching the whole way! I asked Dave if I could re-post the complete series and he said "YES"!

There are 17 posts in the excellent series. We agreed to post two of the series articles each weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday for 8 weeks consecutively and then on the ninth week we will post the "Home Coming" final with an awesome interview from the author. The series starts tomorrow 7/23/2011 and wraps up on September 18th.What a wonderful opportunity! CacheCrazy.Com has always been a collaborative effort between the four admin authors and guest authors so its sure to be a great fit. Also, with Dave adding fresh content on the weekends and our regular schedule, we'll have a new post up every day of the week for the next nine weeks!
How cool is that?

So, come back often and enjoy the content. It covers a little bit of everything that life has to offer with a common theme of outdoor activities and just HAVING FUN!

Please join me in thanking and welcoming Dave to the CacheCrazy.Com community with his outstanding series called "The Bears Across America".

Your friend,


Dave said...

Thanks Bloodhound and for this awesome opportunity to share my writing and experiences with a wider audience. It is completely awesome :)

Debbie said...

Im going to follow you here too!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Awesome idea for a guest post series! I can't wait.

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