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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Day in the Caverns

By Big Al 437

Have you ever been down in a Cavern? Come along and enjoy the fun.


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and come along on a tour of the Ohio Caverns.

For our family vacation this year we decided to visit my sister in Troy, Ohio. We drove out there on a Saturday and arrived after 12 hours of driving. It was hot outside, about 98 degrees, and even hotter inside of the car because my heat won't shut off. We could not wait to arrive at her house. We arrived and brought everything in and then we all got our suites on and went in the pool. Ahhh, refreshment at last. Nothing beats a hot day in the car like a nice dip in the pool.

Our first Monday there we decided to hit some local caches. We were trying to find as many large caches as we could so the kids could trade for some SWAG. A lot of the caches out here are micros, or just plain small ones. We headed out with the Nuvi loaded up and we were able to find a neat micro first. It was at an old covered bridge that I use to visit as a kid. It is still used today and is a very nice place to visit.

From there we drove around finding a few other caches. Some of them were large and some were micros. It was very hot out that day and we could not wait to do the last one on our list for the day. It is called Texas Size. This cache has been on our bucket list for several years and this trip was the one we were setting out to complete it on. We arrived at the parking cords and then headed down a bike path. Once we got close enough we had to go down the bank of the river and remove our shoes so we could cross the Miami River. Yes, this cache is located on an island in the middle of the river.  Nothing feels better than to be standing in a river cooling off. Well except for the fact that the water was not that cold. We went up the bank from there and I made the find. We are talking BIG for this container. It is one large ammo box and is supposed to contain lots of bug stuff. We opened it up and were a little disappointed that it had been depleted of swag. So as a good cacher with extra stuff I filled it up with some goodies. We didn't let that discourage us because it was fun getting to it and it did add another smiley to our count. All in all we found 7 caches and had a great day. Yes, there were some DNF's along there too, but that does happen from time to time.

Our second day was a great day too. We set out for the great Ohio Caverns in Urbana, Ohio. My sister found out that along the way there was a fish hatchery so we decided to make that our first stop of the day.

This is a very nice place to visit, and if you do a self guided tour it's FREE. Yes, I said it is free. I like that word. We stopped and went in to the little store first where the owner talked to us about their business. They supply fish to locals and non-locals for stocking of their ponds and lakes. They also help with maintaining ponds and selling of pond fountains. But their main stay is that they raise fish for restaurants. After looking at some small ponds outside of the store we drove back to their large building and began our self-guided tour.

They have all kinds of fish and they are all different sizes. There are trout, bass, turtles, catfish, sturgeon, and there's even a gator.


                                  NEED SOME TROUT?

What we found really interesting is that they have a number of sturgeon that you are allowed to pet. This is really going to be weird. I've never placed my hands in a tank with some sturgeon. Well today is the day.

                           Katy petting a real sturgeon

                             Levi petting a sturgeon

After visiting all of the fish inside we headed to some of the tanks they have outdoors.



Erika Jean said...

Ohio is awesome!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I love covered bridges! The Texas Size cache sounded like a nice one to get to do also.

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