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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Always Something To Do

You wouldn't know it by our numbers, but we try to find a cache any time we go somewhere.  It doesn't have to be a lot, just one or two to anchor the event.  It's a good way to play our game, and it's also a fun way to not only log a smiley but also a way to log a memory of a family outing. 

Sometimes it all comes up aces, like our mini-vacation to Delgrosso Amusement Park last weekend when we logged the appropriately named On Top of Spaghetti geocache.  We left Northeast Pennsylvania bright and early for our trip to the central portion of the Commonwealth.  We made it to the park plenty early and had extra time to nail the find.  Then it was off to play for the day and goof off a little bit...

It's the Andrea Gail in their world

Ridin' the ponies
That's what's so cool about geocaching - it always gives you something to do.  Out of town for a wedding and have a couple hours to kill?  It's not like you have time to catch a ball game or something so go catch a cache instead.  You anchor the event and you'll see something new.  I've been preaching that to my brothers and sister for well over a year now, and my sister and her husband finally realized how wise older brother really is.  They are the caching duo of His&Herz and have ripped into this game of ours with great gusto.  Here's a few of the neato things they've seen while out and about...

His&Herz at the Nittany Lion, Penn State-Behrend Campus

The "Eclectic Penguin" Geocoin visits Straub Brewery's Eternal Tap
There are times, too, when you try to anchor the weekend with a cache, and you of course don't find it.  In fact, I've been trying to anchor Fourth of July with one particular cache for the past two years now.  It's the wicked cache of Yin & Yang by m_and_w.  I thought I had their little puzzle solved last year, but never really got anywhere when looking for the cache.  For almost a year, I studied that thing on and off.  With Fourth of July 2011 and another trip to the area rapidly approaching, I finally broke down and emailed the CO for a hint... and another hint... and another hint.  I guess you could say I "solved" the puzzle, but these guys really had to take me by the hand to get there.  Well, at least I'd finally get to cross this beast off the list... or not.  I just couldn't find the d@mn thing!  I could have used them to take me by the hand to the actual cache, too.  Rats, but oh well.  Later in the day I had some more bad luck (Nevermind - that's a whole other story for a whole other day) and I wonder if there's some magic working against me with this one.

So I'm officially declaring it -

This cache beat me.

But, hey, it's always an adventure! 

So be sure to anchor your getaways with some geocaching.  Win, lose, or draw - it's always fun!


His&Herz said...

Great post, Dodger. I don't know about all this wise older brother stuff, but I guess I can admit when you're right. :) As you can see from the pictures, we've been having a lot of fun and are looking forward to lots more. Thanks for encouraging us to get into the game!

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