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Saturday, June 11, 2011

You Tell Me, is that weird?

See my comment where I said that the first picture in DctrSpott’s awesome post, Coming This Winter, reminds me of landscape of the show Teletubbies. See for yourself and you tell me?


pictue by

The sky looks the same too, hmmmmm

Hummmmmmm......I always thought the Teletubbies lived on another planet that was perfect with the laughing baby sun and everything. Only to find out that while I was Windmill Hunting in the Barrens I had an opportunity to meet an actual Teletubbie! They say geocaching takes you to some great places but, I never thought I would see Tubbyland, or, whatever it's called, lol!  That's Weired! I just had to say that

                               Have fun this weekend!

And DctrSpott, we are all very glad that you made it to Wyoming safe and sound!



DctrSpott said...

I'm speechless. Awesome post =)

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