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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why Not Wednesday.... On Tuesday!

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I’m not saying that I am an expert geocacher but, I am kind of a “Cache Snob” if you will. You see to me, a true geocache, is one that challenges the mind and body to uncover a treasure in a beautiful place. The geocaches that are at the FEW Dam are mainly in that category. The park is managed by a great geocacher (GC Name- Damguy, fitting don’t you think?) who set out a few years back to change the look and feel of this area from a project, to a park.

As Chief Editor and COO of CacheCrazy.Com I am proud to lead such a great resource of life experiences in the outdoors for those of us who love nature, oh and Geocaching too. Today, I am officially naming the Francis E Walter Dam, White Haven, PA 18661 
~ CacheCrazy.Com World Headquarters ~

GPS Coordinate (Longitude, Latitude): -75.7192, 41.1103

Effective immediately the following roles and responsibilities will apply with the new three month term that each of our Admin Authors have agreed to (yeahhhhhh!!!!!):

·         Dodger from team Dodger Lizard Crew, will assume the noble role of CEO with the responsibility of maintaining this site in case I get hit by a bus.

·         BigAl from BigAl437, will assume the critical role of CTO and will be responsible to look at the site each day and if a new post isn’t up by noon, call the CEO,lol

·         DctrSpott from DcrtSpott, will be granted the prestigious and trusted position of CFO and will, well, we really have no money or many expenses so, well, just keep an eye on that!

Please join me in congratulating these fine Authors for a fantastic job well done and wish them all the best in their newly appointed positions for the next three months. As you can see by the roles and responsibilities, they are vital components to bringing you great articles nearly every day of the week, 365 days per year. Thank you!

To show my deep appreciation and, I mean that sincerely, I have had custom caps made with CacheCrazy.Com proudly displayed. I will be distributing them out from our main distribution center here in NEPA (aka the local post office) in the next few days. My way of saying thanks!

I would like to share with all of our readers a tour of our World Headquarters. Please follow these “tour instructions” around the dam and you are sure to have a ball! The complete tour could last all day or just a few hours depending on how much you want to do. Have fun and enjoy my backyard!

Click here to load a printable version
Start coming to the dam from Rt115 South (White Have Road, it’s a right hand turn across from the Bear Creek Dam). On your right hand side (before the dam entrance) is a small waterfall with cache #1. Just pull off and do it! Then go to the next parking area on right where the gate is across from the dam entrance) and get #2. While you are parked there get the first stage for #3 just across the road (magnetic). Enter the dam and drive down to the maintenance building and finish getting the coords for #3 final. (You’ll have to count them..…). Don’t leave because the first stage to #4 is there by the building. Now you should have the final coords to #3 and #4 but, you are going to go to #5 first. It’s just across the road in the picnic area. Good op to use the restrooms too (note the dirt road by rest rooms for later). After #5 go out to the road and turn right towards the dam. At the bottom of the hill there is a small pull off on your right, park there. You’ll be parked there for awhile. First finish #3, then go to the trail across the road from your car to finish #4. On your way back to your car do #6 (hint—it’s 100 paces 110 degrees or south east when facing the message board and enjoy the view as well). Now you can go back to your car and drive back to that picnic area across from the maintenance buildings. Sit down, rest, eat, play around and take a leak. Back in the car drive down the dirt road and on your left is a gate, park and a short walk to #7. Back to the car and down the road you’ll come to another pull off for cache #8. Back in the car and down the dirt road to the river. Nice area to park and short walk to #9. Then if you want to hike along the river go for #10. If not, drive back up to the top of the dam and park at your first area on right at the top. There is a path that goes down to the river to #10.
Walk out to the center of the dam and take lots of pictures on both sides, what a view! You will love the park and enjoy some tricky but all quality geocaches that a few of us have provided.
Enjoy life,

Posted by request of DctrSpott, CFO, CacheCrazy.Com
(never mess with the man who manages the money)


BigAl said...

I feel so honored that I don't know what to say, except that I'll be back to finish what I started at the Dam; mainly the other caches. Thanks BH, and I can't wait for the hat.

Dodger said...

Cool! CC gear! In the spirit of efficiency, you better send mine via overnight mail.

DctrSpott said...

If I'm the CFO, I feel obligated to repost this picture, also taken at FEW Dam.


By requesting to post this picture, are you trying to tell me that our bank is in danger of collapsing? Great work DctrSpott, four days on the job and our fortune is gone! Way to go.

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