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Thursday, June 9, 2011


By Big Al

Note to readers: Sometimes when you're out caching you come up on the craziest things you have ever seen.

Sit back, grab a cup of coffee, or tea, and just say "that's weird."

The other day I decided to take my son, Cacheking1998, out for a few caches. I thought I would take him to several that I have already found since he wants to try to catch up to me. I decided to take him to Patton's Prize,. This cache is located just off of Route 6. We parked and headed up the hill. Now this hill is quite a climb. As we started walking through the weeds that was when I noticed my son was wearing shorts and sneakers. When is this boy ever going to learn about wearing the proper cache clothing? Probably never.

We worked our way up to GZ and he started looking around. It did not take him long to spot the cache. He was so excited about finding it. I had told him about some cards that someone left in there and they happen to be cards he collects. Well he was hoping all the way up there that they would still be in there. He pulled the cache out and opened it up, and then he started his whooping sound. The cards were still there. So he traded for them and signed the log and re-hid the cache. Now it was off to the second cache.

We left that cache and started walking through the woods and then I remembered his shorts. Oh well. It was too late to turn back now. Besides, to go back the other way was just too long of a walk. We had to hike up a pretty big hill, but then that led us to a paved road. This road would lead us to Truck Arrester. This cache puts you really high on an unused road. When you get to the top the view is spectacular as you look out over the valley.

He found this cache without any problems too. I guess that is why we call him the Cacheking. He signed the log and then we decided the next cache would have to wait for another time. I did not want to be out here when it started getting dark. So we began our long walk back down the hill. This is where you can see all of the truck arresters. These are runaway truck ramps that use to be used if a truck was coming down the hill and lost its breaks. Believe me, I would not have wanted to hit one of these ramps with a truck that had no brakes. They look as if they would have launched you right out into outer space. We made it back to the car and as we approached it we began smelling a really bad smell. Something nearby was dead. We began looking around and then we saw it. Now this has got to be the weirdest thing we have ever found while out Geocaching.

It appeared to be an antelope or something with very long horns and it was in an old feed sack. I began poking it with my walking stick and then we noticed all of the critters underneath of it. Then I noticed it was not an antelope, but it appeared to be a goat. I was able to get the head out of the bag and get some pictures of it. We could not figure out why it was in the bag, and we’ll never know who dropped it off. I guess this could be a place that people like to dump stuff off because they are less likely to get caught doing it. 
I quickly decided that this was one thing I was NOT going to do a CITO for. Sorry, but I draw the line at stinky, gross, dead things. (I may have been a taxidermist, but this was the grossest thing I had ever seen.) It was even worse than the skunk I mounted.  We knew we were better off leaving it where it was than trying to find a new home for it. I just wish the horns hadn’t smelled so bad; they could have made some nice souvenirs. 

So what is the weirdest thing you have found while out caching? If you can post a picture of it, I’d love to see it.                                                       


Dodger said...

That's pretty weird. Didn't see anything like that this evening but there was enough lightning to cancel the Lost Bridges outing. I'll let you guys know ASAP the re-scheduled date.


First of all, great post!

We once came upon what I think was a “road kill pit” with several skulled, full skeletons and a few different kinds of animals. I couldn’t believe it, it was on state game lands and had a place to turn around and everything. It hadn't been used in a few years so there was no odor but the sight alone even shook me up well alone my little girl. I did bring home a souvenir though. Mrs Bloodhounded thought I was nuts (and kinda still does) for doing that but boys will be boys, right?

Benizerith said...

The weirdest thing we found was while caching at the FEW dam last Spring. I forget the cache we were going for, but along the side of the road we came in on, was one of those old velvet paintings... of a unicorn. It's no rotting goat skull (sacrificial maybe? hehe) but still strange and unusual.

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