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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Geowoodstock Prep Work

By Big Al

GEOWOODSTOCK IX is coming, and it's coming fast.

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and enjoy the day.

Well I have been getting ready for Geowoodstock IX and I found something that I want to tell you about. It's a new bug spray, or should I say it's a new bug spray for me. Maybe some of you have already been using it. It is called Ultrathon "Insect Repellent" for clothing and gear. It is made by 3M. This spray is to be put on clothing and gear and is supposed to kill or keep off: ticks, mosquitoes, and other critters for up to 6 weeks. That is one treatment can last up to 6 weeks. Sounds pretty good to me. So I sprayed my clothes for this weekend and let them dry. Now I am anxious to see how it works. I will be reporting back to you on how this stuff works. The ingredient that is supposed to be deadly to the bugs is called "permethrin". Here is a description of it.

Personal insect control

Permethrin is toxic to cats. Many cats die after being given flea treatments intended for dogs, or by contact with dogs having recently been treated with permethrin.[5]
Permethrin is also used in healthcare, to eradicate parasites such as head lice and mites responsible for scabies, and in industrial and domestic settings to control pests such as ants and termites. However, the British National Formulary states that permethrin has low efficacy in eradicating head lice.
Permethrin kills ticks on contact with treated clothing. A method of reducing deer tick populations in terms of rodent vectors involves utilizing biodegradable cardboard tubes stuffed with permethrin-treated cotton. Mice collect the cotton for lining their nests. Permethrin on the cotton instantly kills any immature ticks that are feeding on the mice. It is important to put the tubes where mice will find them, such as in dense, dark brush, or at the base of a log; mice are unlikely to gather cotton from an open lawn. According to the Connecticut Department of Public Health, permethrin "has low mammalian toxicity, is poorly absorbed through the skin and is rapidly inactivated by the body. Skin reactions have been uncommon."[6] Permethrin is also used on humans for lice or scabies; the common prescription is Permethrin with 5% concentration for scabies, and OTC (over-the-counter) treatment for head lice/crabs is usually permethrin with 1% concentration.
Permethrin is used in tropical areas to prevent mosquito-borne disease such as dengue fever and malariaMosquito nets used to cover beds may be treated with a solution of permethrin. This increases the effectiveness of the bed net by killing parasitic insects before they are able to find gaps or holes in the net. Military personnel training in malaria-endemic areas may be instructed to treat their uniforms with permethrin, as well. An application should last several washes.
This sounds like it might just be what I have been looking for for a long time.  Anything that kills mosquitoes or ticks is sure to become a friend of mine. BTW, I purchsed this bottle at Gander Mountain. The one thing to remember is that it is NOT TO BE APPLIED TO THE BARE SKIN. Use it on your clothes and gear only. They say to spray the normal "bug spray" on your skin, whichever kind you prefer to use. As I stated I will be reporting back to you on the effectiveness of the Ultrathon. What you need to understand is that I am a tick and mosquito magnet, so I'll know right away if it is working. 

So the tent is dried out, repacked, and ready to go. I fired up the good old Coleman stove and it is ready for some great meals. I also picked up a Dietz Lantern while curb side shopping one day on my way home from work. This little lantern is a real beauty, and it has never been used. I got it all primed up and then tested it out. It really throws off a lot of light for an old lantern. The cooler has been washed out and is ready to be filled. The next thing on the agenda is to go shopping for all of my food. 

I'm Going to GeoWoodstock!!!!!


Erika Jean said...

I just want to know how bad it stinks!

Oh and I have a GREAT idea for you guys! You should get some Geowoodstock goodies with the Geowoodstock name/logo and have a blog contest when you get back! ;-)

I wrote a post on blog contests a while back if you guys are interested (

...just a thought!

BigAl said...

Erika, there is no smell at all once it is dried. I sprayed my clothes and let them dry outside for an entire day. There is no smell that I can sense. Got to go. More packing to do. The next time you hear from me it will be at GZ.


That’s a great idea Erika, and your suggestions on your article really spell out how to run one, great work. Maybe, you never know…..

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