Thursday, June 23, 2011


By Big Al


Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and get ready for GEOWOODSTOCK NUMBER NIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!

Can you say “Excited”? Wooohoooo!                                                                                                      

July 2nd is coming so quickly and for those of you who did not know it that is the day of Geowoodstock 9. This is going to be a really big event. I am so excited. (Can you tell?) It’s going to be totally awesome. Not that I’m excited or anything.

GWS 9 is being held on the Warren County Fairgrounds in Pittsfield, PA this year. The event starts on July 2nd at 10:00 a.m. There will be vendors there selling everything Geocaching that you can think of. NEPAG’s own Hound, from Fox and the Hound will be there with his new store which is If you have not checked out his site then shame on you (Just kidding).  His site has so much stuff to offer and he is coming out with new stuff all the time. Do you need trackables? He’s got them. Need SWAG? He’s got that too. Proxy coins? He’s got those also. Check it out.  There will also be folks from, Delorme, Geo-Gear, Pathtags, and many more.

Now you might ask “why is Big Al so excited about GWS 9?” Well let me answer that for you. This is the first really BIG event that I am going to. There will be lots of other Geocachers there to meet and become friends with. There will also be lots of caches to hunt for. There will be caching stuff to purchase, games to play and prizes to win. Another reason I am so excited is that I will be covering this event for That’s right; you heard it from the the Big guy. I’ll be there covering all parts of this event. There are going to be pictures galore, and possibly even some videos. 

So let me start out with what will take place over that weekend.

Although the event starts on the 2nd, there will be meetings and get togethers starting on July 1st.  Whoo-Whoo; all aboard. Chuga-chuga-Whoo-Whoo.  On Friday there will be a train ride through Oil Creek Valley.  More on the train ride while I’m there. There will be plenty of time for some caches that day too. Then that evening there will be an actual POW-WOW with Lance White Eagle, a Native American Storyteller. I just love Indian stuff and it might just have to do with the fact that I am part Cherokee. (Just a little bit of Big Al trivia for you.)

Then on Saturday the main event starts. There is going to be stuff for the kids to do like games, crafts, learning about bird banding, and much more. There will also be lots of food to eat, classes about caching, and even games for the adults. I hear there is even going to be a Midnight Geocoin madness 3 event from 9:00 until midnight. Sounds like fun to me.

Then on Sunday there will be another get together at a nearby beach for swimming, eating, caching, learning about the Allegheny National Forest, and much more.

Let me state it again that I am totally excited about this event. You’ll be hearing more about it each day that I am there. And for those of you who think this is an easy job let me tell you that Big Al will be living in a tent all weekend and cooking on the camp stove. Just my style. It couldn’t be any better than sleeping in a tent, cooking out in the open, and hitting some caches. (Well if the family were going along then it would be totally unbeatable.) So prepare yourself to be GeoWoodstocked by Big Al from Hope to see some of you there.

Big Al



Yep, BigAl you are CacheCrazy.Com’s very own Geowoodstocker!
I knew you would love this assignment and it sounds like you have made well of the agenda. Now get out there and have some fun! Great post to kick off the excitement! I really wish I were going! From all of us who aren’t, we’ll experience it through you! Thanks for sharing!

Benizerith said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm so jealous. Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it.

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