CacheCrazy.Com: Geowoodstock IX and a CacheCrazy.Com Mega Event (Blog Event)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Geowoodstock IX and a CacheCrazy.Com Mega Event (Blog Event)

AND THAT REALLY SUCKS! How about you? 
But, our very own BigAl437 will be going for the entire event! And, many other folks who share their experience through the internet will be there as well. Once again, I find myself living vicariously through others (I really need to free up my schedule a bit) and you can join me!

Here at CacheCrazy.Com world headquarters we are scheming up a blog mega event that will start on Friday July 1st and run until and including Tuesday July 5th. BigAl and I have been working out a few details and we have also reached out to other resources to bring you the best possible Geowoodstock IX coverage that we can. It will not be in our regular daily post format but more like several short updates, a few awesome pictures, some video and even live feeds coming at different times so set your blogger alerts for new posts. It's going to be the next best thing to being there!
I think BigAl loves this assignment. He's so into it and was fortunate to be able to reserve a ticket on the famed "Geotrain ride" (or so it's affectionately called these days in Warren, PA). He and many others from around the world will embark on a potential record breaking Geocaching Mega event that will set the bar in the history of our sport. Geowoodstock IX! there are already over 2,600 "I'm going" (you lucky son of a @#$%*) logged on the Mega Event Cache Page. Be there or be square, lol!

Over the next week I will be doing system maintenance to set the proper stage for such an event. If you know anyone who is going OR if you are one of the lucky ones, you can share your fun on our Geowoodstock Wall, share a video on the wall, post a picture or send most anything to us HERE through email or contact us, we'll be sure to get it posted.

It should be fun and a great way to spend the Independence Day weekend. So join us and we'll do our very best to bring you some of the fun that Geowoodstock IX has to offer even if we can't be there. And that still sucks, just saying.....


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