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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Favorites Continued

A couple weeks ago I started listing DLC’s top 25 favorite geocaches.  (Since I started the list, I have another favorite to add, but we’ll save that story for another time.) 

Here’s the remainder of the list…

A full family outing back in the fall – easily the best view you’ll find of the Lehigh River.  I’d go as far to say it’s one of the best views in the Commonwealth.  Plus, it’s a well-planned multi.  You can read a good story about this cache here.

Three visits for me to the rock and three adventures each time.  Read about the latest here.

I just don’t understand the lack of interest in this one.  It’s a fun multi to just an amazing and unique old structure.  Easily one of my favorite caches.

This cache is cool because it takes you to a seldom-seen section of the Lehigh River and it’s a tough little hide. 

Our own Bloodhounded surprised a lot of folks with this one, me included.  I had no idea this little chapel and cemetery were so close to home.  Amazing history here. 

Really, this cache is kind of a pain, but it’s a great hide and still a lot of fun.

Talk about caches being a pain, the name says it all.  You’ll enjoy a very clever Stage 1 and then an extended but manageable bushwhack to the Final.  We took our two young kids on this one, which maybe wasn't the best idea!

This is one of the craftiest caches I’ve seen.  No spoilers here – you have to see it for yourself!

You’ll visit an out-of-the-way landmark in the town of St. Marys, PA and then take on a not-so-run-of-the-mill exercise to get to the Final.

What more can I say – it’s an instant classic.  Damguy and I had fun competing the whole way to the Final.  In the spirit of Scooby Doo – that meddling Damguy!

Speaking of Damguy, this is a well-placed multi that takes you around the grounds of the Francis E. Walter Dam.  The Final is the highlight.

A traditional cache with a twist.

3.  Paddlers Delight # 3 - FEW Dam

Up the Lehigh side of the Francis E. Walter Dam…

2.  F.E.W. - and far between

…And up the Bear Creek side of the Francis E. Walter Dam.

1.  Francis E. Walter Cache

A nice view and well-hidden Final that requires some old fashioned orienteering skills.

As DctrSpott posted a while back, we’d like to know - What are YOUR favorite caches? 

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