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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


With a name like "Dodger Lizard Crew" you'd expect that we'd have some love for reptiles.  So on Saturday, we took a little trip up to the Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup.  This annual affair serves as the primary fundraiser for the Noxen Fire Department and is one of several rattlesnake hunts held each year in Pennsylvania.  If you've never gone to one of these, I highly encourage you to check it out some time.  It's a fun carnival atmosphere that is an excellent way to view and learn about this misunderstood and mythical creature of the Commonwealth.  Please note that no snakes are killed during these events.  Each animal is carefully tagged and measured and, as dictated by Pennsylvania law, returned to the exact spot where it was initially captured by dusk Sunday evening.  Come on along on a photo journey with us!

Some of the curious onlookers at the Noxen Rattlesnake Roundup

A few of the snake hunters inside "The Pit"

Ah yes, that's what we came to see!

A snake hunter displays her catch

Bill Wheeler of the Keystone Reptile Club answers questions while holding a timber rattlesnake

My snake watching team

Annalie was pretty happy to win some prizes...

...and enjoy some of the rides and games, but notice the look on her face - "Hey, where's Sadie going?"

Sadie had other things on her mind...

Looks like we have a future snake hunter in the family!!!



This is just a great post with fantastic pictures. I especially like the last three in a series. Great stuff Dodger! The folks who are crazy enough to catch, handle and de-venom these large noisy retile wonders have my utmost respect. They are the future 5/5 of geocaching for sure! A cache where you have to wrestle with rattlesnakes is one I’ll never due. But, it’s pretty cool to watch. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


Sorry for the spelling errors. I’m trying to do more from my mobile. Not sure if it’s working out, lol!

BigAl said...

Dodger, I love the article and the pictures. You know me and snakes. I love them. That's cool that you took the whole family. I'll bet they really loved it. I might have to take my family there sometime if my wife would go. She just might do it since the snakes don't have to be handled by her.

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