Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Digital picture editing made so easy, even ol'Bloodhounded could do it!

If you are like me, you love pictures! There is nothing that completes the vision in my mind more accurately than a picture with a well written story. I could put myself in the shoes of the author. The only problem is that when I take pictures, they rarely turn out as awesome as the actual view I had in mind.

We at CacheCrazy.Com pride ourselves to support no advertising however, if the service is great and free, well then that's a different story, right?

You have to try Picnik. It's a browser powered photo editor that is 100% free and so easy to use. The end result is awesome and the image is ready to use in several formats. I have used many different programs in the past to edit digital pictures but none as quick and simple as Picnik. So consider this a public service announcement that the free service offered by these folks is worth checking out if you want to make some simple (and not so simple) adjustments in your end results.

Here is a picture that I took with my camera on my phone. it's a shot of the Lehigh River just outside of White Haven, PA on my way to check out Dodgers adopted, Re-Hidden Lehigh geocache. You'll notice that this is also the featured picture on our blog page today. I wanted it to match the color scheme better and look a little warmer. No problem, with just a few adjustments I had it ready to upload. But wait! I need to match the size perfectly to fit the HTML formatted template, and in pixels no less! Piece of cake with Picnik, I just clicked on adjust size and was able to choose a few different methods of sizing. I set it to 244 X 195 and it fit right in the frame perfectly on the first try saving me time and frustration.
As the morning mist came off the river, I was mesmerized by the rising suns beams of pink and gold over the purple flowing water. The picture turned out ok, but was missing a lot of the feeling of warmth and color.

This is the same picture after using Picnik. Notice the pink and gold tones are captured here and the purple and blue water are very close to how it actually looked from my eyes and in my mind.

After compressing it to best be viewed on the Internet, this was the end result for the blog page. Pretty cool, don't you think?

So if you have some of the same frustrations that I have with pictures and not a lot of time for editing, try Picnik out for yourself. You can also match it up with a Picasa free online photo album account and work between the two without any trouble. They are both products of Google and work very well with other Google products as well, like Blogspot, Blogger and Gmail.

Have fun with it and create wonderful memories through pictures because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words.



Erika Jean said...

I love picnic. If you use flickr, you can edit your photos right there.

It's a lot more extensive - but GIMP works well too!

BigAl said...

BH, I just love that last picture. It really turned out nice. I will have to check into using your suggestions so that I can put out a more awe-inspiring picture. Thanks for the tidbit of information.

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