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Sunday, May 1, 2011



Congratulations, Liz (DLC) and Dawn (Bloodhounded)!

We're proud of you!

See the full report on Tuesday...


Benizerith said...

Way to go Liz and Dawn! :)

BigAl said...

Nice job ladies. I just found out that some other friends of mine were also running in the same race. You all deserve a big WELL DONE in my book. I only run when it's an emergency; like when the turkey I'm hunting is gobbling on the other side of the road and I'd better get there quick. LOL Keep it up you two, and I hope your husbands are real proud of you.


I am so proud of both of you! 13.1 miles is quite a run and the training that went into it was dedicated and intense. So now, can we get bacon back in the menu girls, please!

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