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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Opposing View

It’s not always sunshine and lollipops here at the Cache Crazy headquarters.  (The other guys right now are like, “What?  We have a headquarters?”)  We’re all buddies, but sometimes we see things differently.  Sometimes we even – gasp! – disagree.  So today I’m going to play the devil to my colleague’s angel and take an opposing viewpoint. 
Some time back, Bloodhounded wrote a very good and interesting article called “Making Geocaching Better One Cache at a Time”.  In a nutshell, he advocates carrying replacement containers and swag to repair damaged caches.  First and foremost, there is nothing at all wrong with that.  I, too, have come to the aid of my neighbor from time to time by leaving swag, cleaning up garbage, and checking to see if a cache is still hidden after several people have logged DNFs.  It is a good feeling, and it is fun.  My question, however, is this – Where do you draw the line?  Specifically – When do you fire off the “Needs Archived” salvo? 
The answer to that question is undefined.  I see it as a judgment call by the referee.  Maybe a cache just had some bad luck or maybe the CO is a buddy of yours or is somebody that you know is actively playing the game.  Fine.  Give it CPR.  Gee whiz, you might even consider requesting to adopt it.  Cool.

“Be a good scout – replace the cache just like you’d like others to do.” 
“Don’t be ridiculous - Archive it, you coward!”
What I’m really talking about is that cache you find that is, say, an old Kool-Aid jug with a seal-on lid and the contents are a nice potpourri of glop.  To make matters worse, you check the cache page and see two “Needs Maintenance” logs and a whole slew of notes saying things like “Contents are soaking wet” and “Really could use some TLC” and “Everything is moldy and rotten”.  Then you see that the CO has like four finds, one hide, and hasn’t logged on in two years. 

Come on, you’ve all found them.   I’d guess that it tees you off, but, then again, I really don’t know.  Maybe someday I’ll set up some sort of sting.  Put out some soupy caches on purpose and get John Quiñones to hide in the woods.  When you show up at GZ, he and his camera crew can ambush you with a lot of on-the-spot questions. 

"Tell us, sir - why didn't you trade evenly?"
Call me wrong if you will, but I say these things have to be pounded with the “Needs Archived” hammer.  Oh sure, you could rescue it, but what about when the container gets cracked again or the swag gets pilfered?  Does it then become YOUR responsibility?  Are you some sort of default ghost CO now?  I say archive it and let somebody else have a chance at hiding something there because, remember, it’s not just that pinpoint location that is being wasted.  A cache gobbles up everything in a 0.1 mile radius.  If my quick math is right, that’s somewhere around 20 acres give or take. 
Think about that.  20 acres of geocaching wasteland.
Clean out the deadwood and let the new shoots grow, I say!
Now please don’t misunderstand – I do not urge you to use this tactic simply because you don’t like a cache.  I think we all know that’s not fair.  The NA tool is not to be deployed lightly.  We can never be quite sure why a CO has neglected his cache.  You have to think of yourself as being kind of like Spiderman.  You know – with great power comes great responsibility. 
Certainly, though, we all have seen these caches.  In fact, we’ve seen them many times.  So instead of being geocaching’s version of Johnny Appleseed, I say let’s get the junk cleared out. 
So there you have it.  I suspect I’ll be sending my blogger resume out by the end of the day.
Who’s with me?
“I’m plumb out of Tupperware!”


BigAl said...

You hit the nail on the head with this one. I utterly hate finding caches like what you described. Don't get me wrong if a cache just needs an extra log, and I have one, I'll put it in. I might even leave a little extra swag, but that's it. If the actual cache needs to be replaced then I'm all for contacting the CO and telling him so. It's his so he should take care of it. Like I said I don't mind helping out, but I'm not here to do his job. "HEY CO, your cache needs replacing, so take care of it." There, I feel better already. Thanks.


Great job on this Dodger! I'm always open to other ways of thinking, that's how we get better BUT, I will share with you my comment post from 3/28 and still feel this way today.

"I guess the rule of thumb is to "pick your victim". I want all of the caches around my home field to be great, so I'll gladly do what it takes. State parks, well placed hides and cache potential all factor into my efforts. I can't fix them all and yes, I have had caches archived HOWEVER, remember that every cache you archive is one less opportunity for another cacher to relive the experience and sometimes, that's a good thing."

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