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Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's the end of the world as we know it......

And I feel fine….. A great tune by REM

By: Bloodhounded

Notes from the author: Crazy talk I tell you, it's crazy talk.....
or, is it?

Judgment Day/Rapture/Day of Reckoning, call it what you want and believe what you will however, last Saturday 5/21/2011 was supposedly the beginning of it all! The Day of Reckoning has its origins with Noah and the ark and the flood of 4049 B.C.; an act of god, the bible says, driven by the a world overrun by violence and corruption. That much is true.

On the news we see all of the flooding in the south, hear of earthquakes in distant lands, watch the devastation of tsunami, pray for folks who have lost everything to tornado's in the Midwest and local areas where we have never seem tornado's in the past! How can a country of geocachers go caching in weather like this? It’s a major setback in the national growth of our sport. Think of the thousands of archived caches caused by all this “earth” disturbance! Man, it will take awhile for these folks to rebuild and get their lives back in order, well alone geocache.  Maybe I’ll create a foundation for the restoration of “Devastated Geocaches” . A group of committed volunteers who collect ammo cans filled with swag and a log book to replace missing geocaches around the world! Don’t laugh, I’m serious. The foundation of Devastated Replacement Auxiliary Geocaches or DRAG for short.

Is there something to all of this Day of Reckoning? I will say that things do seem a lot more unsettled around the world these days. It’s kind of scary and so sad to think of that even the mention of the end is unacceptable. But, let’s face it guys, eventually the whole thing will come to an end. Hopefully not in my, my kids, future grand kids and their kids lifetimes. The fact is that we are a mere speck orbiting in infinity with many, many larger specks that can get off course quite easily over time and wipe us out in an instant. Just like squashing a bug. No floods, tornado's or any other craziness. That’s the way I see it going. We’ll know its coming and won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. BAM! Done……….Game Over.

I can assuredly tell you that as you read this post, the world will not end today. That’s right, you heard it first from Bloodhounded at CacheCrazy.Com that, “The world will not end today!” Tomorrow might be a different story but, not today. After all, it can’t end! Why we have too much to do, right? The lawn needs mowing and the shopping needs to get done. Oh, and don’t forget about work and the kids need to go here and then be picked up. We are much too busy for the world to end today, sorry no time, can’t stop, gotta go, later……..get my drift.

Enjoy life my friends, no matter if it’s one or one trillion days. Go caching with your family and friends and have fun. You’ll never get this time back, don’t waste it! And don’t worry; if you missed the end of the world on 5/21/2001 you’ll get another shot at it on January 1st, 2012.

Until then, cache safe and enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

PS: Come on let’s all sing together
Get the lyrics here


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