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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

The Philadelphia Zoo bills itself as “America’s First Zoo” and officially opened in 1874.  The zoo is part of a 42-acre Victorian garden, which is what makes visiting especially pleasant.  The trees, shrubbery, rock paths, ponds, and historical buildings make it more than just seeing the animals.  It is quite literally a day in the park.  So when Mom decided she wanted to go there on Mother’s Day for the second straight year, you can be sure the entire family was thrilled.  Best of all, it’s only a short 100-miles away and an easy day-trip.  Come on along…!
Mom and Sadie ride a pedal boat disguised as a swan

Dad and Annalie try out the swan-disguised pedal boat

Gorillas chillin'

Man, I wish I was a gorilla...



Aldabra tortoise... estimated to be 80 years old!

The Channel 6 Zoo Balloon

The Schuylkill River from 400 feet in the air

The Small Mammal House's beautiful architecture

And finally, one for Cache Crazy's very own Big Al...

Gobble Gobble or - how do you say that? - Gobbleobbleobble

During last year’s visit, we took all of the necessary steps to log “The Animal House (GC1ABNK)” geocache.  This fun mystery cache makes you find clues all over the zoo before you’ll have the coordinates to the final.  It was a fun little bonus game to play during our trip.  Unfortunately, this cache has been archived.  Maybe one of our readers might consider contacting the original CO and perhaps resurrect it!  (Come to think of it, maybe DLC should do it.  Hmm…)
We enjoyed our visit to the zoo.  Go check it out yourself - you'll have fun, too!



LOVE this post! GREAT way to start my day! I, I mean we, love the zoo too. Great job with the pics too, the kids will enjoy them in an hour when they wake up.
Thanks for the wake up post Dodger, it's awesome.....

BigAl said...

Dodger, I love the picture. Thanks for the reminder of why they call them the "Elusive Wild Turkey". I still have many more days to get out in the field and try again.

I love the article. We went down there last year on our Christmas break. We all loved it. There were not as many animals outside, but there were not as many people either. We had a great time and the weather was not really too bad. Maybe we'll have to go in the summer time and try the Swan out and the balloon. I did not realize there was a cache at the Zoo. I think it should be resurrected.


I have sent the CO an email to request an adoption. I think between us we can maintain it and make it a CacheCrazy.Com project. We'll see what comes of it.

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