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Friday, May 27, 2011

Geocaching Statistics

Geocaching Statistics

Premium memberships may offer a better way to play the numbers game .


Are you a premium member? If not, look into it: there are some serious benefits, and it's a great and inexpensive way to help the site. If you are, you've probably noticed one of the great new features, geocaching statistics. Statistics have been popular for a long time, with sites like My Geocaching Profile providing detailed statistic breakdowns for display on your profile page. The addition of statistics directly to your profile allows for a more streamlined, instantly updated version integrated right into the site.

While out with the other team members recently, we exchanged ideas on solutions to the "numbers game" that people tend to play. How can we get more people to come and invest time finding quality caches, instead of finding ten times as many parking lot cache-and-dashes in the same amount of time?

In part, the best way to accomplish this is to keep producing fun, quality hides, with great swag and breathtaking scenery. But undeniably, there is a great feeling to see that Caches Found ticker count up. Geocaching statistics provide some great new numbers that are just as, if not moreso, exciting. Instead of just seeing a caches found number increase, I can now see my average terrain and difficulty ratings.

Far be it from me to tell anyone how to play the game. Some people are perfectly content to play cache-and-dash and blast that found ticker into infinity. Others are just as happy to play them game without concern for numbers. As a guy who grew up in the video game error, I just can't help but love those statistics, souvenirs, and other little achievements.

So what do you think? Will geocaching statistics help change the numbers game, and increase the hit rate on quality caches? Let me know it the comments!


BigAl said...

Spott, Thanks for meeting up with Dan and me last night for some caching. It was really fun.

Now about stats. I enjoy reading about statistics especially when it comes to Geocaching. As we talked last night I began to understand that some people just have to go for the numbers. I hope there is more to it than that, but maybe they just like to see that little chart rise right up. For me, well I am not about the numbers. I just enjoy caching. It is really neat though how you can use your stats to make sure you're hitting all types of caches and not just a couple. You can also make sure you're hitting the terrain types too. I found that I really need to work on mine so I'll be doing that in the future. I would eventually like to see that I have hit all types of cache types and terrains for a more rounded effect.


Great topic choice!
First on premium membership, I let mine expire in February and didn’t miss it much at first but recently (and now that I’m caching more) I do miss some to the features. With the recent upgrade in, they also upgraded the membership benefits and I’m ready to drop the $30.00.
Numbers and in no way a representation of your success in geocaching. My numbers are low however, my participation in the game in high. I am involved in geocaching much more my numbers represent. In fact, I will estimate the two thirds of “other” geocaching activity (i.e. blog site, cache creation, support to other cachers, emails, cache maintenance and reading and learning more about the sport) make up my whole caching regimen. That’s only 1/3 finding and hiding! I need to get out more.
I can surly see how folks get into the numbers game, after all we are a numbers world. But, like everything else that is measured in numbers, they only represent a very small part of the actual picture.

Dave said...

The sys-admin in me loves metrics. Stats are the metris of my hobby.

I think the stats are fantastic. In some ways I don't care about the numbers, mainly in the sense that I don't care what other peoples numbers are. aka: its not a competition.

However I do care about my own numbers, but mainly as a way to track what I've done, and a source for finding new ways to keep challenge myself. Seeing a map of places I've found caches makes me think that I should set a goal of finding caches in all of the states (I'm at 37 now), or finding a cache every day of the year (just under halfway there). That sort of thing.

As a disclaimer I do care somewhat about someone elses finds, but only in the sense that I use low find counts (<50ish) to give me an indication if the person I am talking to is a newbie or not, and let that guide me in terms of how much stuff I explain as opposed to assuming they already know certain things.

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