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Friday, May 6, 2011

Geocaching Maps Beta!

Geocaching Maps Beta!


Or, "Holy cripes, it's functional!"


Have you seen it? HAVE YOU SEEN IT?! has performed a major site update! This update gives the site a new, shiny, sleek look, but also comes with a lot of improved functionality.

By far the coolest update is to the maps feature. Previously, the maps were bulky, cluttered, and took forever to load.  Now, through the magic of the internet, the maps have been updated. Maps beta is sleek and savvy, just like the updated site, but the real power is under the hood. The maps operate smoothly, and are loaded with features. The cache limit, previously 500, has been lifted, allowing an unlimited number of caches on the map. If one were so inclined, one could view a map of the planet, displaying every cache.

The new maps also gives a variety of map options, one of the best being the option to view a topographic map. If you're unfamiliar, topo maps allow one to check out distinct features of a region that may not be obvious on a normal map. Great for planning a hide or planning an approach.

Of course, one of the greatest novelties of a functional map is to plan cache hunts while traveling. As a matter of fact, I'm using it right now to plan some grabs right after some of my errands in New Jersey are finished today. Hopefully you'll do the same this weekend. Enjoy!


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