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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Cache Hunting

Authored by: Bloodhounded
Authors notes: The holidays have a way of bringing families together. What better way to have fun than geocacheing with your family. Enjoy!

Mike looking too cool to cache
 On Easter Day 2011, after all of the baskets were found, candy eaten and an excellent dinner under our belts (quite literally), we decided to head out to the Austin T Blakeslee Nature Area and get a few geocaches. We were all ready to climb the walls so a decent hike was in order for the whole team. Everyone was willing as the temperatures were mild and the sun was shining. We have been here before and were lucky enough to watch a few river otters frolicking in the currents and dodging the rocks as they made their way up the stream. A chance to see them again was appealing to all of us. It was rare to have the whole team together at one time and it made for a great family outing on the holiday.

The creek was rolling white water
After the usual bickering in the van on the way, we unloaded in the parking area. I lined up the caches so that we would seek them in order away from the car and then do a straight hike, stream side all the way back. The recent heavy rains raised the creek level and also created some muddy navigation to the first cache which was GC2FQGB A Whole in an Old Wall. In short order Mrs Bloodhounded found it hidden in the rock wall. A nice little spot away from the main trail but not too far. The cache was in good condition and all of the contents dry. We added some swag, signed the log and placed it back nice a tight just the way I would think the CO intended it to be.

On our way to the second cache (GC2FQGY Wedged) we sort of got a little lost as we made some trail choices that were probably not ideal but it all worked out. The cache was wedged in between trees and it was pretty obvious which one it was at 50 meters. Nothing special here but another smiley added to the team.
A tree with a face of a fish or something?
Then we were off to the final cache for the day GC2FQGN Walking Along Toby and the trail was missing at best and we found ourselves bushwhacking our way towards the creek where the cache appeared to be. Within 10 meters the GPSr started  going all over the place. I marked GZ (ground zero) at four different areas but boy those rocks sure looked like a likely spot. This cache presented a fair challenge. 10 minutes went by with no find, then 20 followed by Mrs. Bloodhounded coming through once again and said proudly “I found it”. I had to lie down on the ground and get way back there to grab it as visions of some large toothed critter seeing a quick snack of my intruding hand. All was well as we unsealed the ammo can. A small “hissssss” of the broken seal revealed a bone dry logbook and a bag full of all kinds of goodies for the kids. We did trade here and added a little extra swag just for good measure. This was a well placed cache and I made sure it was back there just as far as it was for us.

Nice area to hike
The hike back to the van was neat. The Tobyhanna Creek was beautiful and the path interesting with a few constructed water crossings. One was made of sliced trees that you hopped from one to the next in order to get to the other side. We didn’t see any otters but ran into several fishermen and other hikers that were also out enjoying the day.
Back at the car and bickering again, I drove home with the sun setting, knowing that this was a great Easter and a fun adventure that we all would recall for years to come. It was good to be with the family even tough not everyone agreed at times we grew closer in other ways.


BigAl said...

Now this is what Geocaching is all about; Family time. I thought it was great that you and your family could be out on Easter not just having fun, but just being together. I really enjoy it when our family gets out together, that is if I have looked at the caches ahead of time and know what we are going for before getting there. They hate it when we get near GZ and they ask about a hint and I say "I don't have it with me". Then when we search for quite some time and can't find the cache they really get upset. Especially when we find it and it is a micro cache. The last time that happened they said "after all of that searching that's all it is". I learned my lesson. Great article and keep caching as a family as much as you can.

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