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Monday, May 9, 2011

Caching in The Big Easy

Authored By:  Bloodhounded
Notes from the author: Recently I attended a conference in New Orleans and I was able to get some local cooking, southern hospitality and some local caches too. Come along on a small journey and enjoy Nawlin's! 

I'll start by saying confidently, "I am a home body, I love to be around the house and my own area". Why not, it's awesome in NEPA and there is always something to tinker with around the farm. My company is national so I have the good fortune to travel as often as I wish, mostly to places like Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, New York, San Fran and Arizona. I limit it to once every other month but in season, I have traveled every third week. Why I don't have any caches from some of these places is beyond me and something I'm about to change. Over the next year of traveling, I have a goal to get at least two caches and Blog back the experience here at CacheCrazy.Com, enjoy!

Welcome to CacheCrazy.Com version of The Travel Channel.....


I am a member of ACDA (American Commodity Distribution Association) and lobby the food manufacturing industries interest in the USDA donated food programs. Sounds important, right? It is. Because of our efforts we as an association we have feed millions of children in America that don't have the means to pay for a hot meal otherwise. In fact, some kids grow up healthy because we make sure they get a breakfast, lunch and an after school snack and thats all they eat all day. Kids enroll in summer programs so they can continue to eat. I'm talking hundreds of thousands into the millions of kids right here in the USA, starving.  Imagine that! I can go on and on but, that sets the stage for why I was in New Orleans, Louisiana. We had our annual ACDA conference there last weekend.

The conference was a four day event at the Marriott New Orleans on Canal Street. Its a wonderful location and my first trip there. Beforehand you had to do a little planning if you planned on getting some caches in New Orleans and thats exactly what I did. Here are some quick tips in geocaching on the go or on vacation.

Travel light

  • Travel light - I brought only what I needed for success both in the field and in the board meeting.
  • Get the zip codes - This way you can really focus on the areas you will be in while searching on (or you can use that other network, not mentioning any names).
  • Find caches within your range - That 5/5 might have to wait until you get back.
  • Get your stuff together early - This gives you time to READ THE CACHE PAGE (post on that to follow).
  • Read the logs - look for key signs of retreat. Things like, "we met up with some homeless folks" or, "lots of smashed wine bottles" and my favorite "the freaking place is a crack house that lures geocachers in with an awesome cache page and a cache that sounds like so much fun. It's not! And it's not funny! I say reviewer, close this one down". Probably should avoid these. 
  • Timing is everything - Find your time and time your caches. Work fast but enjoy the different style, area and culture. Remember, this is totally unfamiliar ground so allow yourself extra time.
  • Take Pictures - What is an adventure without a picture? You'll never express completely what a picture can show. 
Canal Street near hotel
The conference was good, not great but, good. We left a lot of issues on the table (more than in years past) and I couldn't fight the sense of underinvestment so, that was a bummer. But we did eat at some awesome restaurants! The food there is outstanding and this coming from a novice chef (I received my education from the Institute of Hard Knocks respectively). Both the presentation and the quality of the meals created a culinary experience soon not forgotten. There is something about southern hospitality that can't be beat. I met some really nice local folks who were very cool and you couldn't help notice that there was music in the streets everywhere. A jazz festival was going on at the same time and many played right out in the streets, I mean good performers of professional quality, what could be better.

The only thing better than the fine food, music and atmosphere would be to get some caches! I was able to turn a two hour lunch break into two Nawlins caches. lets take a look at them.
Mr Ignatius J Reilly
The first was a virtual named Ignatius J Reilly. You had to find the statue of dear Ignatius then report back to the CO the first sentence of the plaque on the left. No problem. I went by some really nice local shops and vendors. Wrote down the first sentence, took a picture of the fine gentlemen (if you read "A CONFEDERACY OF DUNCES" you can appreciate it).

What amazing architecture
I was quickly off several more blocks south east to  Piazza d'Italia, New Orleans. This place was beautiful. What amazing architecture. The pictures do this place no justice but trust me it was totally cool. This was a micro and I was kind of having some trouble nailing down ground zero. I had to do the clue which brought me closer but it was still tough! Very clever was this little hide and between the pictures and the searching I had to get back. I kinda jogged back to the conference center and was careful not to look too happy but I was.

More of Canal Street

All in all New Orleans was a great place to visit. Especially if you like to party because the party never stops. I myself did not partake in the libation and by the look on my co-attendees faces the next morning, I was happy about that too. I don't think I would bring my family there but for a conference, it's top notch. If you have ever been to The Big Easy let's hear about it and cache safe!

These guys are totally awesome!
Oh yes, Bourbon Street

Bourbon view


Benizerith said...

Sounds like you had a good mix of work and play! I've always wanted to go to New Orleans. And, of course, I agree that photos are a must! A memory is just a figment of your mind if you don't have something physical to look back on. :)

DctrSpott said...

I like that zip code idea! But don't forget, maps beta can be a HUGE help in planning your travel-caching!

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