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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6 Cache Maintenance Secrets (that bring the fun back to the game).....

 Oh what a beautiful morning it was!
The fresh smell of spring, birds singing and a clear reminder that folks will surly be out geocaching today! I had better get those last few caches checked today!

Steph and I headed to GC28ZD5 The Mystery of the Lost Boy Scout Camp to do some needed maintenance. It is right near our home and perfect for a little exercise.

The cache was not as it was when first placed. The dog bone with "BLOODHOUNDED" inscribed in it and glued to the top of the lid was gone. Also missing was the figurine of Freddy (it's part of a Scooby-Doo Where Are You Series) and the swag was short.
TIP #1 - Always top off your cache's swag. Don't forget that geocaching is a treasure hunt. There needs to be a treasure. Even a small chache like this one can have a lot of room for some neat items.

Next I checked the log. Man, there was a lot of folks who came to this cache and signed the log. In fact, the whole front of the log sheet was filled.
TIP #2 - Be sure to bring some extra logs of different sizes with you when you do your cache maintenance. This way you can have a quick replacement for cachers to sign.

I looked over the container well. You would be surprised how just a small crack or broken seal can allow moisture to enter the cache.
TIP #3 - Check your container over well. If you find anything missing from the seal or damage to the container it will have to be replaced.

Some type of writing instrument should be incorporated into the cache. I like pencils because they don't freeze up, you can break them to the size you need and you can sharpen them with a pocket knife.
TIP #4 - Don't assume that the seeker has a pen or pencil. Always try to provide one when you can.

If you have a small zip lock bag, it's a good idea to seal the log, cache description and pencil in it inside the cache. This way if the container fails, the log will still be dry.

I guess the most important tip I can offer is to enjoy the maintenance process. Know that the work you do here today will benefit serveral geocachers behind you.
TIP #5 - Have fun doing maintenance. Take a buddy and enjoy the day just as you would if you were seeking. 

So, there you have it, five tips to help making your cache maintenance fun and easy. And now for the sixth and final tip:
TIP #6 - Make cache maintenance part of your twice a year cache program to keep seekers happy and always insure a dry log.
All smiley's are not created equal, make your's a special one!
Happy Caching........ 


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