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Thursday, August 16, 2012

They're Back....

By Big Al

I want to share a story with you that I know you'll enjoy.


Two years ago we were coming home from church and we saw a Black Bear run away from our garage as we pulled in the driveway. We thought it was so cool to see a bear up so close, even though we did not see it for very long. We did not think about it too much after that, but then one day we noticed our bird feeder had been broken into and I knew it was probably the same bear.

A few months went by and we had not seen any sign of the bear. Then one morning I was getting ready to leave for work and I thought I saw something out the back door moving away from the house. I went to the door and looked out and to my surprise there was a black bear walking away with a garbage bag in it’s mouth which had been sitting next to the house.  I ran and got my camera and started taking pictures of the bear. Then it turned around and I noticed that there was a tag in each ear. As I watched the bear I realized it was not in a hurry to leave. I ran upstairs and got my wife and kids up to see the bear. Then as we looked out we noticed there were two more with her. I say her because the other two bears were just cubs. They were not very old at all, and they were so little and cute looking. We all watched in amazement as she ate from the bag and the cubs just ran around. They managed to stay in the weeds, but I did get some nice pictures of all of them.

                      Bertha, Skitter, and Scamper




Well time was slipping away and I needed to leave for work. I thought when I opened the back door she would run off. I was wrong. Instead she sent her cubs up the tree and she started to go up the hill and then she turned around and came back. I yelled at her and she still would not leave. This went on for a little while. I guess she was really hungry. Now I want you to understand she was between my car and me. I also knew there was no way I was going out that door with her two cubs up the tree even though I could not see them anymore. If there is one thing I have learned it is the fact that you don’t mess with Mama Bear or her cubs.
I looked at the clock and realized I was going to be late for work. I called work and explained to them what was happening and they just laughed. I was told “sure there’s a bear keeping you from coming to work”. I told them that I was going to bring the pictures in to show them and then we’d see who had the last laugh. I then called the PA Game Commission and spoke to one of the officers there. I told him where I lived and described the bear to him. I know you may think one bear is like another, but when I mentioned where I lived and the tags in her ears he said he knew exactly which bear I was talking about. He said they had caught her a week earlier about one and a half miles down the road in a large live trap. They tranqualized her, weighed her, and took her measurements. When that was done they placed the tags in her ears. Then they tried to catch the cubs. Well that was not working out too well because they were in a tree and they did not want to  tranqualize them for fear of them falling out of the tree and getting hurt. They set another trap for the cubs and came back a while later, but the cubs still had not come down out of the tree they were in. The officers realized the cubs were not going to come down anytime soon, and they needed to let the mom go because she was nursing them. They did not want any harm to come to the three of them so they released the mother and left knowing she would take care of the cubs.

So now, about a week later, they’re at my house. The guy told me to leave them alone and they would leave. He also told me to remove any bird feeders I had out and to make sure our garbage was IN the garage. I told him we would take care of it and thanked him for his time. I then went outside and she ran off and I was able to go to work. Boy were they surprised at work when I showed them the pictures. Yes, I had the last laugh. 

During the same week we had been keeping the garbage in the garage, but then my son forgot and set a bag outside by the back door. The next morning I got up and was fixing my lunch for work when I noticed movement out back again. I looked outside and sure enough she was back. I ran for my camera again and told my wife to get up. I started taking pictures of the bear and then she turned around and I noticed there were no tags in her ears. I wondered how she had gotten them out.  Then she stood up.  Oh my! This was one big bear.That was when I realized this was not the same bear we had seen earlier in the week. This must have been Papa bear.


We watched as he devoured our garbage and we noticed how much he liked our corn  cobs from our meal the night before. After taking a bunch of pictures I decided we’d had enough and it was time for me to leave for work. I knew I could not call in two days with the same excuse, but I called anyways. They laughed even harder. I then opened the back door and told him to go away. He ran up beind the car, looked back at me, and then gave a big growl before running up the hill. It sure scared me. I went up to the top of our stairs and looked out the back window. He was just about to our stone wall when two deer lying behind the wall jumped up and ran off. He decided he’d go check them out and before I knew it he was up and over the stone wall in one bound. I don’t know if he ever caught up with those deer or not, but I know it was a summer I’ll never forget.  The kids decided to name the bears Bruno (Papa), Bertha (Mama), Scamper (Cub), and Skitter (Cub). Later that day I went out and looked around our woods and I found some very large claw marks on our trees. I think Papa bear is one LARGE bear. 

So  this last Saturday morning my son and I were going out to a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at our church and as I walked out the back door I noticed there was  garbage all over the back driveway. My first thought was coyotes, and since we were in a hurry I just left it like it was. When we got home I decided to clean up the mess and that was when I found the evidence. There were two other bags up the hill and into the woods. This made three bags that were all torn open and scattered around the woods. I got it cleaned up and thought to myself, "we’d better make sure we’re keeping our garbage back inside the garage, because… They’re Back."



I love bear stories! While we were on vacation we had one scale the side of out outside garage, tear the roof off and fell into the garage. What a mess! He tore everything up and then eventually just broke down the door to escape. We had a bear trap set up for a few weeks but never did cache the bruin. Just as well. Keep a look out though while you're out in the woods. You never want to find yourself between a mamma and her cubs, you got that right brother! I think bears are so cool!


This morning I had a chance to view the video, WOW! You guys really got some awesome footage however, the clean up must have been ughhhh!
This is a great post BigAl, Keep them coming!

Benizerith said...

Best excuse to be late for work EVER! Very cool video and photos, Al!

Bird Food said...

Nice close up shot in the video.

Ann said...

Oh gulp WOW! What a great read. So glad we have nothng like that, lol i would never go out the house ! Off to look at the video now.

Ann said...

Oh my word! And I notice bikes in the background just where papa bear was yikes. We were in Canada spring last year, didn't see one bear when out on the Rocky Mountaineer, by the time someone shouted Bear! It had gone when we got over the other side of the train, your videos made up for that.

BigAl said...

Pappa bear was two steps outside of the back door in the driveway. Yes he was really close.

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