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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pocono’s 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

First of all I want to wish all of my friends, family and colleagues a blessed Easter and a wonderful day of celebration of the rising of our Lord. I hope your day makes wonderful memories for all of your families. Happy Easter!

I don't think Dodger would mind me rerunning this post with some added pictures of his family. It just seems fitting at Easter to read about a geocaching Easter egg hunt. So here it goes.......

Nice weather.

Good folks.

A beautiful park.

An Easter Egg Hunt.

Fun for all ages.


Now that’s my kind of day!

Event History

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending the Pocono’s 7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt (GC2QCAT) at Brodhead Park in Stroudsburg, PA. This annual spring gathering got its start back in 2005 and was originally hosted by unimoggers. They had an idea of combining the fun of an Easter Egg hunt with a geocaching event. For that first event, they hid approximately 500 eggs filled with candy and various prizes. Since that time, Stellar Jr. has taken over the hosting duties of this ever-expanding extravaganza. At the 2011 event, over 1,200 eggs were hidden for geocachers of all ages to find!

Event Setting

Brodhead Creek Park is a 34-acre property that is part of a proposed greenway system. Hiking trails snake through the woods, and picnic tables with grills and two pavilions make up some of the amenities. In addition, Brodhead Creek flows through the park, providing easy access to excellent trout fishing. The property is also home to what is locally known as the Titus Swimming Beach, now a fishing pond for all children age 12 and under.

For more information on all recreation areas in Stroud Township, check out

Everyone gathers together for the Easter egg hunt
(Thanks to our friends "Catching Caches" for the photo)
The Big Day

We arrived at the park early and were greeted by Stellar Jr., The Jump, and Stellarscapes. As more participants rolled in, we had the enjoyment of catching up with some of our buddies we hadn’t seen in a long time. We also had the great pleasure of meeting cachers face-to-face for the first time, folks we only previously knew through the NEPAG forums or by seeing their entries in cache logs. Talking with old friends and making new was easily the best part of the day for me. There was a wide assortment of raffle prizes up for grabs as well as two games of guess-how-much-candy-is-in-the-jar.

Ah, but the big draw this day for the kids was certainly the egg hunt. Not far from the pavilion was the biggest field of Easter Eggs I had ever seen in my life. Our two kids along with the rest of them stared in amazement, anxiously awaiting the drop of the green flag. It was organized so that the youngest attendees got a head start, followed by older children, and then finally the adults. No one needed to worry about not getting eggs – plenty to go around might be the understatement of the week! Most of the eggs were filled with candy, but some held special tickets – “I got a golden ticket! I got a golden ticket!” A little Willy Wonka there. Sorry. I digress – for donated prizes. Our oldest daughter, Annalie, was lucky enough to win one – a huge box of Crayola sidewalk chalk – Thank you, Cerberus1!

Here we go!

After the gatherers had a chance to go through their loot, the raffle drawing was held. Geocoins, Easter-themed baubles, and cache containers were just a few of the items on the table. Once again our kids hit the jackpot, each winning a new toy Easter Bunny to bring home.

Finally the event started to wind down, and various groups broke off to hit a few of the nearby caches. (We got a few right there at the park and then took a short drive to pick up a few more in the woods near the small town of Analomink.)

Thanks to Stellar Jr. for hosting this fun day. No doubt, everybody in attendance had a ball. I know we did!
Looking forward to seeing everybody on the trails and at the next event. Until then,

Happy Easter!

And look what we have here......
(Photo courtesy of our friends "Catching Caches")
Happy Easter from all of us at CacheCrazy.Com
 to you and yours!



Looks like a great time! Glad you could take the girls and have some fun. Great post on a tradition that I hope will continue for many years to come.
Nice report, thanks for sharing!

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