Saturday, April 16, 2011


Welcome to another guest blog segment on CacheCrazy.Com. Today I would like to introduce a new friend and blogger peer, Dan The Woodsman, the creator and editor of PROJECT: Explore New York. Please welcome him, enjoy his story and check out his work.

It’s never good to be lost in the woods. Unless you’re with Dan The Woodsman, in which case its perfectly fine!

Hello, my name is Daniel Campbell. I am a nature and wildlife photographer and owner of the blog Project: Explore New York! I have always been an outdoor enthusiast, I can remember when I was a young boy and exploring, and then building all sorts of forts in the woods behind my home. Over the most recent winter I was stuck in one of those “I am not good at anything” ruts and I searched for my calling. Then I went ice fishing. I searched some more and then went snow shoeing. More searching followed, and then the light bulb went off – I know about the great outdoors! And POOF! Project: Explore New York! was born.

If you love than you’ll enjoy Project: Explore New York! because I too am a geocacher, albeit a new one (I believe I have 6 finds under my belt). Regardless, I love to share my geocaching adventures. My blog goes beyond geocaching as I also take you to the great state forests, parks, and backwoods trails all over the state. Areas frequently visited include Green Lakes State Park, Highland Forest, and the Adirondack Park – the largest park, the largest state-level park, and the largest national historic landmark, in the country.

Not only will you see short write ups and guides to these areas, but from time to time I also bring out my video camera so you can actually SEE the trail that I talk about. I share information about hiking, specifically light weight hiking, and camping. I talk about gear, food, safety, reviews, hints, tips, and tricks...with the occasional unique New York location mixed in for flavor!

My blog is also an avenue for me to share my photography with others. I am by no means a professional but my photos will show you nature from a unique prespective, an angle you have never seen before.

So join me, Dan The Woodsman at Project: Explore New York! and let’s go get lost in the woods.

Dan "The Woodsman" Campbell

Project: Explore New York!

Lost In the Woods Photography

All photographs and video by Dan The Woodsman and are copy right protected. Please contact Dan for details of permission for use of material. 


Dodger said...

LOL - loved the video, DTW! You know, we're not really too far apart geographically. We should get the Cachecrazy team and the ProjectExploreNY team together for a group geocache outing. We could meet in the middle. Let's think about that!

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