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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dodger's Favorite Cache Logs Vol. 2

Ever had a crazy experience or had something really funny or strange go down while out caching? Ever wonder if anybody ever reads your cache log and hears about your wild adventures? Well, I do! From time to time, I’m going to use my Tuesday posting to feature some of my favorite geocaching logs. So keep watching – you might be surprised to see yourself featured here on Cache Crazy.

Today’s “Dodger’s Favorite Cache Logs” comes from Cache Crazy's very own BigAl437.  Here is his "Bad Elves" (GC2EJWE) adventure...
Found it October 10, 2010 by BigAl437 (156 found)

What a laugh. Read my DNF and you'll understand. Anyways, I picked my kids up from work and we decided to do this one on the way home. I knew it was getting late, but hey we always wanted to do a night cache. We headed off into the right direction, and into the night. It did not take us too long and we found it. Should have worn boots. My kids could not believe the size of it. You really outdid yourself with this one. Not only was it an excellent place to hide one, it was jam packed full of SWAG. Now comes the interesting part. We started to leave and the GPS started bouncing all over the place. We were wandering around for a while trying to follow our tracks back to the car, but we kept getting deeper and deeper into the woods. We were running into a lot of snags, but then we finally hit an area where the GPS acted correctly and we found our original path. Then it was an easy walk out. Wow! Glad we made it out. I really did not want to have to call someone to come rescue us. Thanks again for such an outstanding cache. STL, took a TB and left a TB.
Didn't find it October 10, 2010 by BigAl437 (156 found)

What a neat place this is. We found part one with no problems. We then checked out the entire place and agree that something mysterious went on here. I entered the cords and the next cache popped up, which was about 6000+ miles away. I rechecked the cords and I had entered the numbers correctly so I thought maybe I need to recheck the cache page and see what I needed to do next. We were pressed for time so we had to leave. Later when I got home and read the cache page I knew there was nothing else to do except for trying to figure out why my cords were so far off. Then I looked and somehow the West had changed to East and that put the cache across the ocean. Just one little mistake could cost you big time. We'll try again later today.

It's right around here, gang... Give or take 6,000 miles.  That, friends, is why we don't just simply follow the arrow. 
Thanks for reading “Dodger’s Favorite Cache Logs” and remember to share your experiences when you log your finds. Folks are reading!


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