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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cache Around the World

Cache Around the World


For many of us, caching is an activity that takes place locally. For Pennsylvanians especially, this happens in local parks, suburbs, state parks, and state game lands.  Caching around the world, however, has some great benefits.

First, a bit of logistics. If I know in advance I'll be taking a major trip someplace, I'll look up some local caches on the Geocaching website. Searching by zip code allows me to sort through and find caches with the attributes I'm looking for, while searching with Google maps allows me to see what caches are close to places I plan to be. The official Geocaching forums have several subforums for state and region: these, coupled with the websites and forums for any local caching organizations, can provide reliable suggestions for the best local caches.

For those shorter or not planned trips, smartphone users have a nice advantage. Any internet enabled phone can access the geocaching webpage, but it is far easier to use some of the geocaching apps. Both Android and iPhone users have the official Groundspeak geocaching app. Many other apps exist, but c:geo by carnero is by far my favorite. It's "live map" feature and ability to store caches makes impromptu caching extremely convenient.

Caching around the world is a great way to see an area through a local's eyes. Local hiders have the best knowledge of the surrounding area, and can lead you to some truly unique and hidden places. In these situations, geocaching can be the basis for a great adventure in a new place. It can also be a great way to introduce new friends to the game. If nothing else, you're almost guaranteed to make some interesting stories along the way.


Spott , relatives, and COs at a Jamaican FTF!

The serious cacher is also behooved from caching around the world. Just as a conference or sabbatical allows the proliferation and dissemination of good ideas and techniques, caching in a new area is a great learning experience. Clever hides, locations, and containers may inspire new ideas, which you'll bring back home, and in turn teach to other cachers. You're advancing the future of geocaching! Go you!

So, caching around the world leads to some good experiences, great stories, and even helps you develop your skills. If nothing else, it gives you total bragging rights over all your friends. And that is reason enough to do anything.


BigAl said...

I guess my visit to Texas counts as Cache around the US. Now that I am really into Geocaching I'll be looking for chances like you mentioned to cache around the world. I wish I would have started caching earlier than I did because I have been to Peru, Nicaragua, and Italy since then. Those would have been some awesome bragging rights. Oh well, maybe I'll get back there sometime. You never know. Until then- Cache on.


WOW! Around the world! I am having trouble getting away to cache right here at home!
Dodger said “dude, you are losing your street rep, you haven’t logged a find in so long” so I guess I better get going! Unlike you DctrSpott, my extreme caching friend, I am a fair weather geocacher, I’ll admit it! I’m still in the game folks, always in the game……
Great post of an adventure that I can relate to as my wife and I have been to Jamaica mon, great country of wonderful people (just don’t go out at night away from the resort). We loved it! And, that was before Geocaching was even thought of. Well, maybe thought of. I do remember getting an idea after consuming several Red Stripes, of a game using global coordinates to……….......

DctrSpott said...

Don't sell yourself short, BigAl. Texas caching is definitely caching around the world. Not only did you get to see a great local area (I've never seen a handi-accessible trail system), xout also took in the hiding techniques of the local cachers!

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