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Thursday, March 31, 2011


By Big Al

Ever wonder what NEPAG stands for? Well read on to find out.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and learn what NEPAG is all about.


I recently read an article that talked about how got started. As I read that I thought to myself “why don’t I write an article about NEPAG," so I decided to go ahead with it. I’ve asked some folks who’ve been around for a while and here is how it all started.
When did the NEPAG get started? It was started in May of 2007 by Matcat, Hound (from Fox_and_the_Hound), Bottlecap, Olbluesguy, Got GPS?, and MtnDave. The Current administrators are Hound (from Fox_and_the_Hound, Walnuttripper, and Mrs. Whistler (from Whistler & Co.).

How many members are there right now? Currently there are 291 registered members with about 50 who visit regularly.

Who can submit posts and articles? Anyone who is a registered user can post to the forums. Likewise with articles, but articles must go through an administrator to get published on the homepage. So if you want to publish an article just right it and then send it to one of the Administrators for approval.

What is the goal or mission of NEPAG? The goal is to provide cachers in NEPA with a place to discuss caching in our area, and to discuss generalized Geocaching developments as they pertain to our particular part of the country. It also provides a way for members to ask questions and give advice or tips (though not tips on specific caches!), and through cache events, to provide a place for Geoachers to socialize and meet other cachers. We also host special events from time to time, like the Enjoy, Enjoy! series of caches, the Shotgun race event, a photo "cointest," the sale of NEPAG logo merchandise, and a contest specifically for new members.

Is there a cost to become a member, and if not then how do you pay for the web site? There is no cost to become a member. When we hold a raffle at an event, we use the money to pay for the website and domain name, to pay for the pavilion rental for the event (if applicable), and to purchase certain small items needed for the event itself when needed (charcoal, paper products, etc.). If we take in more than we need, we'll hold a drawing wherein all the raffle entries that didn't win are dumped in a container and one person wins a small amount of "cache cash." If we rent a pavilion for an event, such as at a state park, we put out a donations can which people can toss a dollar or two in, but they don't have to if they don't want to. When we have NEPAG merchandise for sale, we sometimes get a small profit, though the main aim there is to be sure we break even. So far, we have been able to pay for our small expenditures through event raffles and merchandise sales, so we have not felt a need to formalize membership by having dues.

Who designed the logo? It was designed by Fox-and-the-Hound. He came up with a representation of the state with beams that seem to draw you into the group. There were also many names for the group at first, but the final decision was made for it to be NEPAG, which is nice and short.

Wow, that is fantastic. Now you might say “Why join”? Well there are many good reasons to join. Events are held which allow members to get together and search for caches together, and it allows everyone to get to know the new members. It’s also a way for new members to get some answers to questions they may have about our sport, but really are not sure who to ask.

Speaking from personal experience this is a great organization. I really enjoyed getting to know a lot of the cachers whose names I always saw in the logs, but never knew who they were. The first event I attended was held at the Merli-Sarnoski Park and it was a great time. I met even more people who share the same obsession as me. We did a lot of eating, talking, exchanging info, caching, and picture taking. And as always there seems to be a contest of some sort for all to be involved with. This event really was fun and it gave us a taste for what NEPAG was all about, and it made me want to become more involved with the group so I made it a point to make sure we could attend the next event. The next event was held at the Lackawanna State Park. Our whole family went to this one. It gave us a chance to meet more of the members, share some cider and donuts, and even win a few prizes. We could not stay for any caches that day, but it was good to meet more members. We had lots of fun and we cannot wait for the next one to come to our area.

So if you have never checked out the NEPAG site then you need to do that right now. Don’t put it off until another day. Just click on the NEPAG logo below, check out the next event, sign up, and come out to meet some great people and have lots of fun. Who knows, you might even find some time to search out a few caches.

Thanks to all who contributed to this article.


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