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Saturday, March 19, 2011

GUEST POST - Bill and Kathy : Over The Hill Gang

I would like to welcome Bill and Kathy from Over The Hill Gang to CacheCrazy.Com! These folks are well known in the caching communities of northeast Pennsylvania. As their story will tell, they have done it all and have a wonderful message for all of us. So, without any further ado, here's Kathy who authors this self reflection of her and Bill's geocaching team.
Thanks for your contribution,

Hello to all fellow geocachers!

My name is Kathy, the female half of Over_The_Hill_Gang. Bill and I started Geocaching four short years ago this month. Our first geocaches were found at Frances Slocum State Park. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we were being observed by a fellow cacher! He later told us at a CITO at Francis Walter Dam, that he knew we were newbies but he let us have our fun. Thanks Butcher63!

Things sure have changed in four years. When we started, we found quite a few ammo cans, TB’s and geocoins. We carried our own trade bag and had lots of fun trading items and reading the logbooks. Now we find mostly micros and Tupperware with logs only – no room to trade!

We have found them all – nanos, nanos in the woods, pill bottles, film canisters, bison tubes, decon containers, five gallon buckets and our favorites, UNIQUE containers.

Our Family Group Hunt GC1JEY6 KAPU
We have tried them all from 1/1 to 5/5. We would rather spend all day ( or all night! ) finding a twelve part mystery cache than finding fifty guardrail caches.
Geocaching is contagious, and we soon had our children and grandchildren, ages 3 – 13, hiking the trails with us. We also met our very good friends through this sport when we got an email from someone called pointme2, asking about a cache we had previously located! Someone asked our opinion. Wow, this was great!

We love to hike and explore and one day we decided to try a keoki_eme cache on Conservancy land in Mocanaqua. Well that did it, we were hooked, and we have found 34 of his 55 caches.

Family at Glen Lyon’s Jurassic Park ( THE ICE MINE )
It is not about the numbers for us, but the fun of locating them. It is about the challenge –the challenge of scouting the area, checking out the views and history, exploring the area, finding the cache, signing the log and then head home knowing that we DID IT! We really don’t like to ask for help and have been known to spend four hours looking for one stage of a multi. Yes, it was for a FTF and no we did not get it that day, but we did go back and complete it.

We placed our first cache in 2008 and now have thirty-four. A word to the wise, remember to do maintenance on your caches. Also, please log your DNF’s as that alerts the CO if the cache needs some TLC. We replace logs sheets on caches when we find them full and have occasionally replaced a broken container.

    Walker Hunter Family BIG BOULDER
  • Geocaching is a great “sport” because you can make it want you desire.

  • You are never too old.

  • Seek Caches while on your lunch hour.

  • Take the kids.

  • Take your four legged friends; they need the exercise as much as their owners.

  • Pack a snack, or a lunch.

  • Walk a tenth of a mile or walk ten miles, we have done them both.

  • Cache alone or with friends.

  • Attend an event.
But above all – HAVE FUN. You chose the time, place, and partners. Give it a try. We may meet you on the trail or at an event and we will be able to share our adventure stories!!



I think that this post is just great and proud to feature it here. Thanks for sharing and don't be strangers.

Dodger said...

Caching during lunch break...

Guilty as charged!

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