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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Geocaching with Dogs and Kids

By: Bloodhounded
Notes from the author: There are many rewards to geocaching but many more when you share your experience with kids and dogs.

The most advanced research has gone into this conclusion; It doesn’t matter if your caching with dogs or kids, the same rules apply.

I think the number one rule is to bring treats he, he, he! It’s funny how our animal instincts kick in to the mention of a treat. Much like the dog the kid’s heads pick up, they both get excited and I know if my kids had a tail, they’d be wagging it too. For the right treat you can get them to do just about anything but interestingly, we give a treat with the same motivator for both, reward. Not to mention you want them to both to shut up, stop jumping around and sit down. Sit is the number one request for both.

Now here is where dogs have an advantage. We let the dog jump in the water knowing they will be soaked and still ride home in the car but, we won’t let the kids jump in the water because we don’t want them to get the car seats wet????? I don’t get it????

There is a great sense of sharing when you take either, they genuinely do appreciate it and you can tell that this won’t be the last time. They will rarely say “no” and will often encourage you to go on days when you wanted to say “no”. Just look at that face, how can you say no to that?

My TEAM sniffing out that geocache
Then there is that added sense of adventure because you never know what they are going to get into (usually the number one offender here is mud). To this I’ll offer a quick story about kids and let you offer one about the dogs.

KIDSThey say the funniest things – or – out of the mouth of babes category.

While geocaching with my youngest daughter I was complaining that my legs hurt, I was out of shape, too old and to please slow down (this was of course before the awesome condition I’m in today, lol)! That didn’t seem to slow her down so I grabbed for my stomach and said “and I have such bad gas” (hey it worked and sounded good at the time). Just then we happened upon four college gals hiking out. They smiled at my little one and one of them said “are you guys having fun?” my little angel said “we were until my dad told me how old and tired and out of shape he is”, the girl laughed and said to me “you better pick it up old man” jokingly but, my daughter was right there to defend me “that’s because he has real bad gas” she blurted out very a matter of factly!!!! They laughed and kept on walking, I could have killed her! A simple yes would have sufficed.


BigAl said...

BH you really make me laugh. Hopefully you'll never see those college students again. It's a fact that our kids say the darndest things. But then again that's what makes them our kids. Thanks for a great article. I wish I had a dog story, but I don't even have a dog.

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