CacheCrazy.Com: Fiendish Friday: March Madness!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Fiendish Friday: March Madness!

Hello and welcome to Fiendish Friday! This month's cache is GC1WJWR, keoki_eme's A Walk Into Darkness. Please note this is a PREMIUM MEMBERS cache, those without a premium membership will not be able to access the cache. For more about the merits of premium membership, see [soon to be published post].

Spooky cave: a place that I would never before have even THOUGHT about entering.
As the title suggests, this cache is going to take you to and through some places you might never have thought to venture to. As such a flashlight will be needed, but don't worry: you won't be venturing TOO far into this creepy cave.

The view from stage 4.

This was my first time ever entering a cave, and I can't lie: I sat outside for a good ten or twenty minutes debating the merits of turning back. "What if there's a bear inside??" I contemplated every horror movie scene involving caves and the outdoors. Every monster I ever learned of was probably in that cave, and I wasn't going to make it out alive.

An icicle literally bigger than me.
 As it turns out, I did make it out alive, and I actually enjoyed myself. The views of the inside of these natural formations were something I've never seen before. Even my chicken of a puppy eventually made his way in, and enjoyed leaping and bounding around on the rocks.

The man-made scenery is just as great as the natural stuff.
 Beyond part four, the stages all shared a common theme, though each was in a very different area than the last. Each stage was obviously very well thought out, and no two were alike. One of my absolute favorites was the penultimate "50/50" stage. No, I won't give it away. Yes, you will love it.

Caves and darkness are not the only attraction this cache has to offer.
 This cache isn't all darkness: the darkness is sandwiched between a hike in and out, complete with amazing views of Nanticoke and the valley, the conservation area, and even a short view of the effects of recent logging operations. Chat with the loggers if you see them, they're actually really nice! They helped my car out of the iced over parking area.

Don't let your fear of the dark keep you away from this great cache!
 The hike is around 6 miles roundtrip. There is no "special" equipment required! You only need to bring a flashlight, waterproof shoes, and a sense of adventure. One stage requires a small amount of tree-climbing ability, easily performed by anyone with a slight amount of upper body strength. The rest are all retrievable by any cacher.You'll really enjoy stage 3, it's too fun for words. (Follow the link for a spoiler!)

So, pack a lunch, grab family and friends, and go and grab this cache. The terrain is mostly trails and including the final, there are somewhere between 5-10 stages (no, I won't give it away!) You'll seriously regret missing out on this awesome 4.5/4.5 cache.




Holy cow, this is an adventure and a half! The pictures are really cool and the post describes the cache perfectly. For me climbing into a cave is equally frightening for all the same reasons. I would think at the end there is a huge sense of accomplishment. Awesome post DctrSpott!

Dodger said...

If the puzzle is any indication, the cache surely is excellent. It took me an afternoon to solve it. Now we need to make the time to get it!

Man, I'm fired up now!

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