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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dodger's Favorite Cache Logs

Ever had a crazy experience or had something really funny or strange go down while out caching? Ever wonder if anybody ever reads your cache log and hears about your wild adventures? Well, I do! From time to time, I’m going to use my Tuesday posting to feature some of my favorite geocaching logs. So keep watching – you might be surprised to see yourself featured here on Cache Crazy.

Today’s “Dodger’s Favorite Cache Logs” is from frenchfrynfrosty’s UP 25743 and was written by geocacher stellarscapes. This really cracked me up:

This cache was one of several finds today. We signed the log "Team TSG" which consisted of myself, TheJump, The Pirates of Wallenpaupack, and Gilwell1. As we were searching for this cache, I noticed a "Street Department" truck going by through the parking lot very slowly watching us. A few minutes later, a police car showed up. Luckily, we had already found the cache and had just rehid it. We explained to the officer about geocaching and he then walked over to the Street Department truck which had reappeared and explained it to him. After posing for a picture, we headed on to the next cache. Thanks for all the fun!

First and foremost, good for the street department workers for reporting suspicious activities and good for the police to follow up on it. That's what keeps our towns safe. Hats off to them, and I mean it.

For sure, though, there's nothing like a visit from the authorities when you think you're not causing any trouble. That certainly can be a surprise!

Thanks for reading “Dodger’s Favorite Cache Logs” and remember to share your experiences when you log your finds. Folks are reading!



I like the "Dodger's Favorite Cache Logs" series idea! Awesome! The logs are so important and a hiders only reward.
Great job!

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