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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can You Hear the Music?

By: Big Al
When you're outside what do you listen to?

Grab a cup of coffee, or tea, sit back and LISTEN carefully.

The other day my wife was reading a book on music and something she said really hit me. It was “Can you hear the music”? I began to think on this thought for a while and then I reflected on my hiking and caching experiences. Many times while out hiking or caching I see people coming along the trails and as I look at them I see that they have these things hanging out of their ears. Now I know they seem to be enjoying themselves as they beebop along, but are they really? It seems that everyone wants to hear the latest hits, or listen to the newest movies, but they are missing out on some of the greatest music ever created.
Of course the music I’m talking about is the symphony of the outdoors.
As you walk along the trails listen to the sounds of the creek as it meanders along, or the call of the Rose Breasted Grossbeak as he tries to attract a mate. Do you hear the coos of the Mourning Doves as they talk back and forth to each other? If you listen hard enough you can even hear the clatter of the squirrel’s claws as they run up and down the trees. I’m sure too that after they’ve seen you they’ll start announcing to everyone in the woods that you’re there. At least they always do this to me during deer season.

Then as you approach the top of the hill you’ll feel the gentle breeze as it whisps along your face and you can hear the trees begin to talk as they sway back and forth. Once in a while you might even hear the distant gobble of a wild turkey; gobble, gobble gobble.

When I am out in the woods I try to get the kids to listen for different sounds that they hear and see if they can identify them. Sometimes it’s fun just to sit for a bit and see how many different sounds you can hear. Like the little mouse who’s crawling through the leaves and sqeaking to his mate for her to follow him. And there are countless times I’ve heard the beating of the drums that start out slow and then becomes faster and faster. Then you realize it’s the Ruffed Grouse who’s beating his wings as he stands atop of an old log calling to any young lady passing by. If your quiet you might even hear his mate as she slips away from the nest trying to pull your attention away from where she has been sitting.

What’s really neat is if you’re out first thing in the morning you’ll begin to hear those birds and animals as they wake up. Chick-a-dee, dee, dee. Chick-a-dee, dee, dee. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo says the Great Horned Owl. Listen, was that a buck snorting at us? Then there is always the little peep, peep, peep, of the spring peepers as they tell us spring is hear to stay.

Isn’t this music more along the lines of what we need to hear? Everyday you can put those things in your ears and listen to your version of whatever.
For once, while your out in the woods, leave the mp3 player at home, leave the iPod in the car, and turn your cell phone to vibrate and listen for the greatest symphony you’ll ever hear. I’ll bet if your quiet you might even here the special call of the Geocacher. It goes something like this: Wooohoooo, First-to-Find. Yeah, baby. (Dancing usually follows.)


Benizerith said...


Erika Jean said...

I never wear headphones while caching - I don't feel like it is a safe thing to do when I'm alone... I always want to be aware of wild animals and other people on the trail! And when I'm caching with others, well, that's just rude!!


Good point Erika, you always want to be aware.

I'm a pain to hike and cache with. I always stop, with a hand motion to my cache mates to be quite, and just listen. I could just stand there for a long time but am usually pushed along. I remember when I was much younger and seemed to have a lot more time on my hands, I would sit in the woods for hours, alone and quite. I saw a lot of great sights BUT heard some amazing things that I never saw and formed a vision in my mind. I scared myself sometimes but it was fun! Thanks for bringing back those days.

Dodger said...

I'm with you, brother - leave the gadgets at home (well, minus the GPS of course...)

As for the "call of the geocacher", I've also heard a less happy, more disgruntled call from time to time. DrSpott explains it in his post!


BTW BigAl, greats pictures! Everyone loves the pictures that you take....

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