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Friday, March 25, 2011

Can You Cope With A DNF?

Can You Cope With A DNF?

Tips and tricks for keeping your cool, on and off the field.


We've all been there before. Out in the field for what seems like hours, with absolutely no luck. It sucks. But with these simple tricks, you can keep your cool and be an all star cacher.

First off, blame someone else. It's not your fault you can't make the find. It could be due to any of the following reasons:

-It was muggled.
-It was weather damaged.
-The CO hates you.
-The CO is a terrible hider.
-The difficulty rating was unfair.
...and many more.

Still, this is little condolence. You need to take action! While you could [log a DNF] , beware: this will lead everyone to believe you're a terrible cacher. Take these steps to ensure other cachers know how it went down:

-Mention what a terrible area for a hide it was. Bonus points if you reference other caches that have done it before.
-Couldn't find that 1/1? Make sure the CO knows what a poor job he did judging the difficulty.
-The longer you were there, the guiltier the CO will feel. Exaggeration is key here. Mention you spent over three hours there, and the CO may feel bad. Injure yourself? She's crying now. Throw in how you missed a daughter's dance recital or a relative's funeral, and now you know the CO won't be placing caches for years to come.
-Talk about your caching pedigree. You've found ten thousand caches, so one like this shouldn't be a hangup. You're not responsible for someone else's poor work.

Remember, the only way to follow up a stern repremanding DNF is by griping to the forums. The world needs to know just how bad this cache is!

Finally, there are things you can do to cope in the field:
-Have you made the area look completely overturned? If it doesn't look like a tornado hit, the next cacher will know you didn't really try. Throw stones, knock down trees, pull up plants.
-Out for a multi? Make sure to destroy every previous stage. Don't let others suffer how you have.
-Can't solve a field puzzle? Can't open a container? Completely destroy it. After all, if you can't open it, that was probably the CO's intention. Rocks, knives, submerge in a river, explosives. Nuke it from orbit: it's the only way to be sure.

So that's my advice! Hope it helps! I remember: when all else fails, you're probably just a failure.

It's nothing a beer or two won't fix.



Wow DctrSpott, I'll expect to see this post get quite a response. Interesting perspective but not my own. I'll share that in a different post.

smithie23 said...

I think these very thoughts were going through my head today as I was on my DNF-fest.

Dodger said...

Yeah, Spott!

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