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Friday, February 18, 2011

A message from Bloodhounded

Hello, my name is Bloodhounded,

I would like to introduce myself and share a very special message with you but, first I want to thank you for taking the time to come and see the blog for yourself.

For those of you who don’t know me, I guess I’m kind of a loner. I loved geocaching right from my very first find. Oh, I remember it well. I went caching with four experienced cachers from Team Blueball (Thanks Big B! I am forever grateful). We found six that day and right out of the gate I found four of the six. Soon seeking wasn’t enough so, I started hiding. I started light but soon was doing some pretty crazy stuff. I started acting crazy. I started talking crazy and soon I was so far gone that I became a pusher, an enabler of the cache. First it was with friends but soon I was converting anyone who would listen to my crazy talk of GPS systems and treasure hunting. I was truly beside myself, I was cache crazy!

So, I decided to build a blog and share my sickness with you.

On Monday, February 21st, 2011 we will launch CacheCrazy.Com under its newly organized look and feel. I have assembled some of the best thinkers and writers I know. These authors are committing to post to this blog one day each week. That means that every day of the week CacheCrazy.Com will have fresh posts! (except Sunday, hey even the good Lord took that day off). We’ll keep it going and seeing your comments and gaining followers will fuel our fire so please let us know you are there.

The basis of the blog is Geocaching of course and everything related however, nature, outdoors, outdoor photography, hiking, family fun, wildlife, hunting, fishing, bird watching, ATV, mountain biking, cooking, traveling, camping, maybe farming, collecting, hi-tech stuff and probably a few other subject matters that elude me right now. It was meant to be fun and informative and about a quality of life that relates closely to the great outdoors and the wonderful sport of Geocaching too.

So enjoy the site, laugh and read the posts, learn, share or just say hi. We are all cache crazy so you’re in good company. And if you would like to be a guest blogger, just email us and we’ll set it up or just send your work to and I’ll post it.

Thanks for checking us out!



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