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Monday, February 21, 2011

March 2011 Geocaching Horoscopes

Geocaching Horoscopes

for the month of

March 2011

By: Stargazing Steph

 Stargazing Steph

Your monthly geocaching horoscope as seen in the stars somewhere above Bloodhounded's house brought to you by 
Stargazing Steph.


March 21 - April 20

Mercury is in Aries territory this month which will bring you an increased amount of mental awareness, quick thinking, and more interaction and communication with people. You will be excited to see and catch up with people you’ve been more distant with. This is a great time for that tough cache you’ve been putting off! Take your buddies with you and have some fun! Remember: The more cachers you have, the more fun you have!


April 21 - May 21

The New Moon in March will spark Taurus’ energetic and more creative side this month. It will also give you a power of personal expression, which will help you in self promotion and achieving goals. This is an excellent time for you to work on those things in life that mean a lot to you. Planting your own cache is ideal for you this month because you are at your prime creativity time! Don’t waste it!


May 22—June 21

The New Moon this month brings potential crisis into your life this month. This is due to the demand of others such as bosses, teachers, and spouses. This is a good time for you to prove o other and yourself how strong you are! Don’t breakdown under the pressure. Take a break and go find a few caches! You will feel better in just a few miles!


June 22—July 22

The New Moon brings harmony into your relationships this month because it brings you a sense of calmness and balance. Everything in your life will flow smoothly this month and plans will work out well. You should consider organizing a caching event! With spring coming, it’s a great time to encourage others to get outside and have some fun! Don’t be afraid to do something you normally wouldn’t!


July 23—August 22

The New Moon brings harmony in intentions for you this month. Your thoughts and opinions flow easily into words, making it easy for conversation and writing. Paperwork should be a breezy with the way your thinking! Getting all that paperwork done will leave you spare time to do whatever you want! Maybe get out of work a little early and pick up a few cache-and-dashes!


August 23—September 22

The New Moon brings a sense of conflict into your life this month. Your personal ambition and drive to succeed is getting in the way of what you’re trying to do. You feel like your banging your head off a brick wall because you can’t seem to get your message across to anyone and others aren’t working well with you. This is a good month to go caching by yourself. Leave others and all your stress behind and take in the beauty of nature.


September 23-October 23

Mercury is directly across from Libras territory this month which is going to present a little bit of conflict but not too much. You mean well in all you do but others just aren’t being appreciative. They will find your actions somewhat annoying even though that was not your intent. Laying low would be in your best interest this month. Maybe a few small caches are in order.


October 24- November 22

With Mars in the area this month you will have increased an energy level and self confidence. Your new found confidence and energy will be well balanced and do wonders for you. Be careful not to get over confident! Over confidence would be a major downfall for you this month but you should be ok as long as you keep it in check. With all your energy, long caches are ideal for you this month! Take some energy-ready friends with you!


November 23 - December 21

Sagittarius’ and Gemini’s seem to be in the same boat this month. The New Moon looks like its bringing potential crisis into your life due to the demand from bosses, teachers, or bosses. Standing up for what you want and believe in and don’t let the stress others are putting on you, get to you. Use caching as a distresser for you this month. Go on a leisurely hike to a good peaceful cache destination.


December 22—January 19

Mars really increases your confidence, energy, and your magnetic attractiveness to others. You will not have a hard time getting what you want this month and achieving goals will be a breeze. People will be willing to help you and want to be involved in your life. You seem to be on top of the world! Invite all your friends to go caching! It’ll be a great time!


January 20—February 18

Venus is in your territory this month and it brings lots of love of nature and creativity! It is a great time to spent time with the ones you love while doing the things you love. Relationships with people, especially the opposite sex, will do really well this month due to your attractive energy. Take this opportunity to take the ones you love caching! They will love the change of scenery in their lives.


February 19—March 20

Mars brings harmony into your life this month. Your goals and ambitions seem to be achieved easily and others are willing to help. You will experience a sense of calmness and balance in your life. Don’t waste this opportunity! Get a big group of people together and go caching! You will make new friendships and strengthen old ones!



Dodger said...


Do you do lotto numbers, too?


Ok Steph, so according to you, I'm on top of my game and I'll get what I want. So, let's see, what do I want???? I better stick with the usual, another day to live.
Nice job Steph, looks great!

Anonymous said...

I only do lotto numbers for a cut. and Thank you! (:

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