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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last night I saw an Android while I was BlackBerry picking!!!!!

Yes, you heard me correctly, an Android! Also, an iPhone made a small appearance last week and I've been searching the net looking for information on picking a BlackBerry! I was talked to by a duffus, ridiculed by some rollypolly woman and nearly swindled by a swindler. No, this isn't Bloodhounded in wonderland, it's cell phone shopping! My least favorite pastime. 

I am buying a new cell phone and along with the many needs from this communication central, I need to know that I can at least cache paperless and possibly as effective in pin pointing GZ as with my GPSr. I'm looking at three "brands" of phones, the Android, iPhone and the BlackBerry (I wont get into model specific). Obviously, a good quality geocaching app is critical. I'll look at all three and share the results with you here at CacheCrazy.Com.
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Geocaching, my favorite sport, now has an official app for Android with the release of Groundspeak's Geocaching app for Android phones. With this app, users can tap directly into's database of GPS-tagged hiding spots and containers, called geocaches, and use their GPS-equipped Android phone participate in the world's largest on-going treasure hunt. The geocaches usually contain a log of some sort and, occasionally, small trinkets. Once found, users log their find, take a trinket, leave a trinket, and the game goes on.

Groundspeak's app isn't the first geocaching app for Android users (we've had access to apps like GeoBeagle and OpenGPX for some time now) and it's not even the first official app from Groundspeak (that honor belongs the Geocaching iPhone app), but does look like the easiest way for Android users to get into the game of geocaching without an investment in dedicated GPS equipment or fiddling with a notebook.

The app uses GPS to determine your approximate location. It then pulls data from the database in real-time for the geocaches located near the handset. This info is viewable in a list or on a map. Users can also search by address or GC code for a specific area or cache. Once a cache is chosen, users are given access to details, including description, photo gallery, attributes, recent logs, hint and inventory.

The Geocaching app gives cachers access to a massive amount of info that's useful for finding hidden cache.

Along the way, the app will help navigate with a simulated compass arrow that point users towards their selected cache, multiple waypoints for multipoint caches and routing, and access to a map screen that can be switched between street and satellite views. Once the cache is located, users can document their find and post notes or hints for other cachers on without leaving the application.

If your phone does not support GPS, the app can still use the cellular network or Wi-Fi to approximate your location. However, GPS is sort of the point here, so we don't recommend you waste your time if your phone isn't packing a GPS receiver. (But feel free to check out some of our previously reviewed standalone geocaching devices.) And if your geocaching adventures take you beyond the safety of your cellular provider's coverage map, the app can still access locally stored cached data and maps.

Android owners running Android OS version 1.5 and higher can download Groundspeak's Geocaching for Android Application from the Android Market for $9.99. (Link only works on Android devices.)

(Credit: Groundspeak/


Dodger said...

Ugh! Too much technology gives me a headache. Good luck.

Shell said...

Ian's got the Geocaching app on his iPhone. He's an addict. lol I haven't found one for my BlackBerry yet.

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