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Friday, February 18, 2011

Introducing: DctrSpott

Hello all!

I am DctrSpott. While I am not a doctor, I will be beginning my graduate studies in chemistry this fall at the University of Wyoming, and have selected my username in anticipation of my PhD. I am a Pennsylvania native, and spent a good 6 years as a student and adjunct faculty member at Wilkes University, doing research, and writing for several philosophy journals. I can often be found caching with my German Shephard/Collie mix, Boltzmann.

I am interested in caches that are interesting and clever hides, as well as those that push physical limits ("extreme" caches): long hikes, big climbs, and amazing views. One Friday of every month will be "Fiendish Friday": a review of an particularly devious and impressive cache. The other Fridays will be discussions varying from the merits of different cache types, to introductions to cache placement, to gear and meal choices.

I'm glad to be a CacheCrazy poster, and hope you all are looking forward to my posts.




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