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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Geocaching With Dog the Bounty Hunter

Anybody ever watch Dog the Bounty Hunter on A&E? Anybody else wonder if this guy and his crew are for real or do they just think that everyday is Halloween? I think that it’d kind of be a kick to take these guys out geocaching…

It’d go down like this. First, Dog would write up the mission on his dry-erase marker board.

“All right, everybody. It’s a 3/3. That’s not bad. That’s pretty tough. This cache ain’t a pushover. Let’s see… Ammo can… Last found about a month ago… Dwayne Lee, put up a picture of it.”

Then we’d all say a prayer for success before loading up into some serious SUVs and going after it.

It always takes Dog a couple tries to find his bail jumper so I’d guess that geocaching wouldn’t be any different. After several dead-ends at gas stations, apartment buildings, and fast food joints, Beth would have to call the CO and get a better lock on GZ.

Once we had the information on where the cache was going to be, Dog would outline the strategy. When everybody knew what to do, we’d all jump out of the SUVs armed with paintball guns and get after it!

Leland, Youngblood, Dog, Beth, Baby Lyssa, Dwayne Lee, and I would start running through the woods. When we’d spot the hide, Dog would yell, “Don’t move, @#$%^&*!!! Don’t @#$%^ move!!! You’re goin’ to jail, $%^&*!!!” Leland would smack some handcuffs on the ammo can and then we’d throw it in the SUV.

By this time Dog would have cooled off and would try to talk some sense into this renegade geocache – “Ya can’t keep doin’ this, brother... Leland, give him a cigarette… Take his handcuffs off… Hidin’ in the woods doesn’t do it, bro. Ya gotta go to court, bro. Ya gotta change. You got a family, bro.”

I’d try to explain to Dog that you’re supposed to put the geocache back where you found it. Dog, looking out the passenger’s window with a tear in his eye, would reply, “That’s what they want you to think, bro. That’s what they want you to think.” “Shakedown” by The Brought Low would start playing, and we’d say a prayer of thanks before heading for home.

The next seeker for the cache would have to log a DNF, but at least we would have changed a life that day.

"Hated to leave the paintball guns, but couldn't resist the bicep bands. TFTC!"


DctrSpott said...

Oh my.... my mind is blown!

BigAl said...

This would explain why I saw the SUV's leaving the last cache I had to log as a DNF. Go figure.


Hey bro,
This is an awesome post! In my feeble mind I could see it all play by play, lol!
I love it......

Dan the Wodsman said...

haha this cracked me up! Sharing this on facebook is a must!

Big_Dog1970 said...

Great Story.
Just like Bloodhounded said, I can see it playing out in my mind as I was reading it. It's great to start the day with a good laugh... :D

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