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Monday, February 28, 2011

CITO at Ground Zero

By: Bloodhounded
Notes from the author: This is an entirly different approach to CITO that I dreamed up. Let me know what you think in the comments.

I can't believe it's Monday already, one full week of CacheCrazy.Com. This is a little information on an effort that I personally made to help an area of managed land that I drive by daily.

 I placed a cache near a historic bridge in Bear Creek Village near Rt. 115 South. It’s on the Bear Creek Natural Land Trust section right by the Francis Walter Dam project in White Haven, PA. When I scouted it out up close I was surprised to see that folks have been parking there, engaging in all types of activates and just throwing their trash to the ground. I cleaned some up but unfortunately had to leave quite a bit behind. Then I had a thought, what if I gave recognition to the folks that did CITO at the cache site and logged or emailed me with their effort? I attached a scrolling text that does just that to the bottom of the cache page.

Recently some cachers logged that there was no trash to clean up. Not that I questioned them I just had to see it for myself. Sure enough ALL of the trash was gone! Pretty cool, right? It will take some maintenance to keep everyone up to date on the cache cage but a small price to pay I think. The property manager loved it and offered the whole land trust to me to place caches, yeah!


Thank you!


Dan the Wodsman said...

Its like a geocache is a beacon for the army of geocachers armed with CITO bags to come and clean up the area. haha! This is good timing I am actually writing an article about CITO and cleaning up the trails at my blog!

Dodger said...

Who posed for the picture??


ha, ha, ha, POSED! What makes you think that someone posed for this picture? Im sorry but I cannot divulge my photographic subjects/contributors true identity.
Why, are you looking for a caching partner? He, he, he!

DctrSpott said...

The bridge at Bear Creek village was one of my first caches... ATCresci and I came back with a big 5-gallon bag and cleared out a huge deal of trash that was dumped there.

I'd personally like to see more events in the area that are CITO oriented. Choose a location (riverside of Kirby Park, Wilkes-Barre; or the hills between old Bear Creek blvd / rt 115 are two that instantly spring to mind), get some specialty swag (like geocoins designed for the CITO site?), and send people out with trash bags and gloves to clean up and potentially find prizes. You could reward swag in exchange for a full trash bag, or even make it an easter-egg hunt style event. Hey, that sounds like a good idea...

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