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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Cache Of The Month November 2010

SATURDAY, Finally! I wasn't sure it was coming....what a week!
Back in November of 2010 when I ran this crazy site by myself (what the hell was I thinking) I use to do a "Cache Of The Month" series. Dodger's, "Cache of the Day" took the award with flying colors and the only thing better than his cache was his interview! I thought I would share this with everyone to enjoy. So, have a great weekend and enjoy some geocaching! Then come and tell us all about it at CacheCrazy.Com

The Cache Of The Month
November 2010
A Cache By: Dodger Lizard Crew    Placed: 7/17/2010

Congratulations to Dodger Lizard Crew and their geocache Cache Of The Day selected as the cache of the month at CacheCrazy for Novenber 2010! Bloodhounded contacted Dodger from the Dodger Lizard Crew (or DLC for short) and asked him some questions about their cache and their team. He was willing to participate and here is the dialog.

Q: Congratulations on your Cache of the Month award! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your caching team?

A: We are the team of ‘Dodger Lizard Crew’ and are based at the Francis E. Walter Dam in Luzerne and Carbon Counties. Our team consists of Mom, Dad, and our two daughters. We’ve been enjoying this game for just about one year now and have met a lot of great folks. We’ll cache anywhere the wind blows us, but we particularly enjoy clever multis, smart hides, and pleasant hikes. We occasionally leave signature items in caches that we find and most of the time stamp logbooks with our ‘DLC’ logo and crest. Let me tell you, man, everybody should get a custom stamper. Ours is real big and obnoxious. You’ll definitely know we were there!

Q: What was your original thoughts when you placed this cache and why did you select the location?

A: Who doesn’t like a good fishing story? We had one in mind and wanted to reenact it in the form of a multicache. The whole thing is about the old fisherman’s funny saga and has him acting as your guide throughout the entire adventure. The story wanders a bit, as does the cache. It’s all supposed to go hand-in-hand. And we weren’t giving anything away by disclosing the number of stages. That’s the fun of a good tall tale – you never now how or when it’s going to end! To pull all this off, we obviously needed a body of water. Brady’s Lake was ideal. It’s one of my favorite places and there aren’t that many caches around the lake itself.

Plus, all that aside, I’m a skilled fisherman myself. I catch monster fish all the time. Of course, that’s only when nobody else is around to witness it. Get my drift?

 Q: What kind of reactions are you getting from the logs? Tell us one and who it’s from.

A: Seems like folk are really digging it. I’ll quote several…

“Much of the fun was in the fact that you never knew when it would end.” – catolee

“A great fun multi, all your coords were spot on, hides were fun yet not impossible, couldn’t have asked for a nicer surprise to our day.” – catolee

“This was a great Multi-Cache.” – eaubes

“Thanks for a nice tour of the lake, the story and the cache!” – The K-Team

…and finally…

“100th find & made me work for it !! First I started 2nd stage wrong side of lake and later found out I was within a few FEET of a later stage. (thought it was a trick-location) Was not going to let cache get away!! BUT talking about a fish story, you should have seen the size of the MUSKY, I saw while Shad fishing last year! But that is another story. Anyway logged 6.08 miles/gps. THANKS… L - geocoin, Light our way (lighthouse) OCQ4HV & a few fishing jigs (location perfect) T - camo handkerchief” – poconolocal

Q: So now that you own this awesome cache, what can we look forward to in the future? Any plans for another hide?

A: Geez, I guess I’m going to sound like the front man in a band or something that just recorded a new album., but here goes…

(Wearing sunglasses, smoking a cigarette, talking with British accent…) After a couple of hides, I felt that we were on the right track with putting out some cool stuff. Still, none of them really captured what we were after. ‘Cache of the Day’ does. Now that it’s out there and we feel satisfied and we’re getting a lot of good reaction, we can relax a little bit and take it all in. In the future, we’re hoping to put together some more ‘story caches’ and maybe throw in a few devious hides this time, too. Really, we couldn’t do it without our fans. They’re the greatest in the world. Thank you all!
Here is our log from when Team Bloodhounded went on this geocaching masterpiece;
July 25, 2010 by Bloodhounded (175 found)
What a perfect day for caching! The rain stopped and the temperatures dropped to a very comfortable range. The sun shined on this awesome lake and it looked like something right out of a magazine. We had a few stages under our belts and went right to work on this adventure. How clever you are DLC! Every stage got better and better and took us through a well rounded tour of the lake shore. We loved the field of milkweed that attracted all types of butterflies and the interesting remnants of yesterday’s ice industry. The hides were tricky yet not frustrating and the terrain was enjoyable. We hung around awhile at the final and enjoyed the sights while we went through the plentiful swag. Wow, that baby is packed! Returned the cache to its hiding spot and reluctantly headed back to the car. I would have liked to spend the day here caching but there were only two to be had (maybe I’ll have to do something about that). In the end we loved the cache, the story and the extra effort put into this one by the CO! GREAT CACHE!  TFTC! Team Bloodhounded  

Awesome! Dodger thanks for the candid interview and the fun responses. That is a representation of this excellent cache, it’s fun! The story, the hides, the hike and the location makes this a cache a must do and one that I was fortunate to have done. It was so cool. It flowed well and had some surprises just like the real fish story but in the end you smile and say “that was a great cache” and that's why it’s our November Cache of the Month here at CacheCrazy. Fun, isn’t that why we all started this to begin with? Go have some with Cache of the Day!

CacheCrazy Cache of The Month is brought to you by Team Bloodhounded and is based on the discretion of the Blog owner with a criteria of cachers experience, popularity of the cache, cache logs, photographs and the personal experience of Bloodhounded and Team Bloodhounded respectively.
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